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Industrial Organization

2016/2017: ce séminaire n’est plus actif au sein de PSE et se déroule désormais au sein du séminaire “Régulation et Environnement
The seminar covers industrial organization, both theory and applications, and the economics of incentive regulation; it also touches upon topics in the theory of organizations, the theory of the firm, marketing science, the economics of internet, network economics, intellectual property,…
The workshop fits in the research orientations characterizing the field “Markets and Organizations” of LABEX OSE. It is jointly organized by PSE-Jourdan and PSE-MSE, associated with TelecomParisTech and University of Paris 2, and it takes place monthly on the Jourdan Campus.
Scientific contact: Jean-Philippe Tropéano et Bernard Caillaud.
Operational contact: Violaine Tordeux

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