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Angelo Riva

Angelo Riva

PSE Affiliate Researcher

Professor EBS

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

4th floor, office 58

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 17 18

Scientific coordinator of the EURHISFIRM European collaborative project

Research groups: Economic and Social History
  • Money, Credit, Finance in the long run
  • Political Economy and Institutions
  • Financial Economics
  • Financial Crisis

Working papers

  • Lagneau-Ymonet P. / Riva A. (2019), Trading forward. INCAS Discussion Paper Series, #01
  • Ducros, J./ Riva A. (2018), The Lyon Stock Exchange: The Survival of the Fittest (1866-1914). INCAS Discussion Paper Series 2018, #05
  • Baubeau P./ Monnet E. / Riva A. / Ungaro S. (2018), Flight-to-safety and the Credit Crunch: A new history of the banking crisis in France during the Great Depression 
    • Centre for Economic Policy Research (CPER) Discussion Paper Series, Economic History, DP13287, Published 31 October 2018
    •  Banque de France Working Paper, November 2018, WP #698.
  • Hautcoeur, PC./Rezaee, A./Riva, A (2018), Competition among Securities Markets INCAS Discussion Paper Series, #08
  • Hautcoeur PC / Riva A. / White E. N. (2014), Floating a "Lifeboat": the Banque de France and the Crisis of 1889. NBER WP n° 20083, May 2014
  • Ducros, J./ Riva A. (2014), The Lyon Stock Exchange, 1866-1913: The Struggle for the Survival, WP Ecole d’Economie de Paris/Paris School of Economics, n° 2014-09, January 2014
  • Riva, A./White, E. (January 2010) Danger on Exchange: Counterparty Risk on the Paris   Stock Exchange in the XIX Century. NBER WP n° 15634
  • Hautcoeur, PC./Rezaee, A./Riva, A. (2010) How to regulate a financial market? The impact of the 1893-1898 regulatory reforms on the Paris Bourse. WP Ecole d’Economie de Paris/Paris School of Economics, n° 2010-1
  • Hautcoeur, PC./Riva, A. (2007) The Paris Financial Market in the 19th Century: an efficient multi – polar organization ? WP Ecole d’Economie de Paris/Paris School of Economics, n° 2007-31
  • Riva, A. (2007) Les bourses italiennes à l’époque giolittienne (1894–1913): une analyse institutionnaliste de leur organisation. WP IDHE-Paris X, n° 2007–07.
  • Lagneau, P./Riva, A. (2007) Les archives de la Compagnie des Agents de Change de Paris. WP IDHE-Paris X, n° 2007–08.
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