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Expertise and evaluation

All year round, PSE economists head dozens of expertise contracts for a wide variety of entities: firms, Ministries, international institutions, associations etc.
When you enter into a consultancy agreement with PSE you gain access to intellectual and methodological resources of the highest order. This collaboration, which can last a couple of weeks or several years, generates fertile interaction between actors in both private and public sectors and the world of academic research.

Two types of expertise exist:

Get researchers involved in your strategic issues

In an increasingly complex environment, administrations seeking to understand and evaluate public policy, and private sector managers confronted by increasingly difficult strategic choices, can rely on the expertise of PSE scholars.
Our researchers will build frameworks for novel thinking, and help decision makers to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the issues that most affect them.

Benefit from customised expertise

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The consultancies we engage in are tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. We use a wide range of approaches, including literature reviews, impact studies, evaluation of fiscal and social policies, cost-benefit analysis, studies of decisionmaking mechanisms, analysis of modelling problems and market prospects.
Depending on the theme, aims and dimensions of the project, we put together a specialised team of high-level researchers who will use a rigorous scientific approach and a broad range of methodological tools to provide you with profound analysis.

The Paris School of Economics has been recognised as a Public Utility Foundation with respect to the Crédit Impôt Recherche.

You wish to contact PSE about Consultancy Agreements ?

Contact: Clément Michaud on 01 80 52 17 10 - clement.michaud

They trust us

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