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PhD students

Antonn Hamboure

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After graduating from the Toulouse School of Economics and obtaining a Master in political Science at the Political Science Institute of Toulouse, Antton started the PPD masters program at the Paris School of economics. He has begun his PhD thesis within the labor Chair since September about geography and labour economics, under the direction of Laurent Gobillon. He is particularly interested in the territorial dimension and the effects of the public policies for the unemployed persons at a local market level.

Paolo Santini

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After graduating from the University of Bologna in 2015, Paolo has worked as research assistant for Oliver Vanden Eynde. In 2016 he has completed a second Master in Public Policy and Development at Paris School of Economics and is presently enrolled as a PhD student at PSE. He is interested in studying the economic and sociologic rationale of group formation and in particular of trade unions. The issue is to understand the de-unionisation process that has characterised the labour market of most developing countries, with a special focus on France, the Uk and the US.

Sara Signorelli

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Sara Signorelli holds a master in public policies and development from the Paris School of Economics, obtained in 2017, and a master in international economics from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, obtained in 2014. In addition, she possesses 2.5 years of professional experience in the field of applied economic research, obtained through her work with the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute between 2014 and 2016.
Her research interests within the Labor Chair consist in the analysis of the impact of technological change and of migration flows on inequality in access to employment and on working conditions in France.

Malka Guillot

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Specialized in Labor and public economics, Malka is a PhD student under the direction of Thomas Piketty. Financed by the CREST for the first 3 years, she has studied the evolution and the determinants of inequalities, particularly on the labor market. During her fourth year in PhD within the labor chair, her goal is to analyze the impact of labor taxation on the highest wages in France.