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G-MonD Policy Papers

Policy Paper n°2 - january 2013

Title: “An Overview of the Roots of Civil Wars: Natural Factors and Economic Conditions”
Edited par PSE
Authors: Mathieu Couttenier, Raphael Soubeyran

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We provide an overview of the roots of civil conflict. We distinguish between economic conditions and natural factors as two broad categories of roots identified in the empirical literature. As a preamble, we present an overview of the theoretical literature on the roots of civil war and distinguish between “capacity-related” and “opportunity-related” causes of conflict. We also provide policy implications regarding the prevention of civil conflicts.
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Policy Paper n°1 - november 2012

Title: “Ending the Euro Area Crisis: Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones”
Co-edited by the CEPII and PSE
Authors: Agnès Benassy-Quéré, Yves-Emmanuel Bara, Benjamin Carton, Christophe Destais, Sophie Piton.

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We review the solutions put forward between May 2010 and September 2012 by European policymakers to address the four aspects of the euro-area crisis: (i) the sovereign debt crisis, (ii) the banking crisis, (iii) the competitiveness crisis and (iv) the governance crisis.
We show that progress has been uneven in each of these areas. We highlight the key issues that need to be addressed for a comprehensive solution to be found. These include more realistic, coordinated deleveraging, more ambitious structural reforms, prioritization of macroeconomic surveillance, the revamping of fiscal policymaking, effective bank supervision and restructuring, the recognition that the risk of “fiscal dominance” cannot be completely eliminated, and the introduction of a European-level social initiative.