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March 2011 - Presented for the first time in January 2011 during the conference by T. Atkinson and T. Piketty given at PSE within the G-MonD, “The World Top Incomes Database” website offers unique series of database...

March 2011 - “The G20 and recovery and beyond. An agenda for global governance for the twenty-first century”. Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Joseph E. Stiglitz and the Paris Group.

Presentation made by economists invited by the G-MonD

25th November 2010 : KEMAL DERVIS Conference. The European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme and the Paris School of Economics have been glad to welcome Kemal DERVIS for Kapunscinski Lectures on “The World Economy and Development”.

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    3rd June 2010 : PRANAB BARDHAN Conference.
    The G-MonD of PSE has held on the Campus Jourdan a conference by Pranab Bardhan on the 3rd June, at 17:30.
    Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay : Assessing the Rise of China and India (Princeton University Press).
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    12th April 2010 : PASCAL LAMY Conference.
    The research Group on Globalisation and Development (G-MonD) of Paris School of Economics is pleased to have welcomed Pascal Lamy for a Conference on “Trade and Inclusive Globalisation”
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