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Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli

PSE Professor

Research Director CNRS

Campus Jourdan – 49 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

3rd floor, office 09

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 18 59

  • Demography and Household Economics
  • Labour Markets

I am an applied micro-economist. My research interests are in the area of applied household economics and time allocation. In particular, I have studied couples' allocation of time to household work and leisure time at retirement; the impact of different forms of income taxation on household time uses; and the labour supply of couples in which the wife outearns the husband; as well as the decision to telework; job search and commute time. Another stream of my research focuses on conflict economics.

As President elect (2017-19) and President (2019-21) of the Society of the Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO), I organized the 2018 annual meeting of SEHO the Paris-School-of-Economics and co-organized the 2021 annual meeting of SEHO at Boston University (which took place virtually) and overviewed the organization of SEHO 2020 annual meeting at Venice Ca Foscari (finally cancelled).

SEHO was founded in 2017 and counts over 400 members in 34 countries, spanning all continents seho-member-list.pdf .

I am in the Top 5% Women in Economics in REPEC.

I have recently supervised 8 doctoral students and acted as Doctoral Thesis Comittee President/Member and Thesis Referee of 14 doctoral students. All of them are doing great in the job market (see the dedicated page on this website for more information ). I have also sitted in 4 doctoral programs abroad.


 Just came out:


"Older mothers’ employment and marriage stability when the nest is empty" oldermothers-final.pdf with  Hippolyte d’Albis and Karina Doorley, Chapter in "Mothers in the Labor Market", edited by Alberto J. Molina, Springer.


"Household Expenditure in the Wake of Terrorism: evidence from high frequency in-home-scanner data", with Thierry Verdier and Daniel Mirza, Economics and Human Biology, 2022, forthcoming


The Impact of Terrorism on Individual Well-being: Evidence from the Boston Marathon Bombing, with Orla Doyle and Andrew Clark, The Economic Journal,  2020, 130 (631),  2065–2104 boston-marathon_final_revised_61218.pdf


Women's Employment, Wages and the Household, with Elisabeth Dolan (University of New Hampshire), Journal of Family and Economic Issues, supplement issue "Decade in Review 2010-19",  2021, 42, 101-106.


New research:

A tale of hours worked for pay from home before and after the Great Recession: learning from high-frequency diaries, with Arie Kapteyn (University of South California, Los Angeles), under review.

The effects of the Obama care act on household labor supply and beyond, with Anna Bottasso, Gianluca Cerruti e Maurizio Conti (all the coauthors are affiliated to University of Genoa, in Italy).


Spousal labour supply and Norwegian retirement reforms, with Bernt Bratsberg (Frisch Center Oslo).


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