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Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli

PSE Professor

Research Director CNRS

Campus Jourdan – 49 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

3rd floor, office 09

  • Demography and Household Economics
  • Labour Markets

conferences and seminars




Co-Organiser (with Daniele Paserman) of the 2021 Annual meeting of the  Society of the Economics of the Household (SEHO) at Boston University (230 participants)

Organiser of the 2018 Annual meeting of SEHO at the Paris School of Economics (130 participants)    

Steering Committee of the 2019 Annual meeting of SEHO, at Lisbon technical university (150 participants)

Steering Committee of the 2020 Annual meeting of SEHO, at Venice Ca Foscari (150 participants expected but cancelled due to COVID-19).

Scientific Committee (selection of papers to be included in the conference program) of the  five Annual meeting of SEHO: San Diego (100 participants); Paris (130 participants); Lisbon (150 participants); Venice (150 participants expected); Boston (230 participants).

Co-Organiser (with Laurent Lesnard) of the 2010 annual conference of  the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR)  at Sciences-Po Paris (200 participants).

Co-Organiser (with Daniel Hamermesh) of a May 2014 international workshop on Frontiers of time use economics, University Paris 1 (40 participants).

 Co-Organiser (with Catherine Sofer)) of a June 2012 international workshop on The economics of gender, at Nice (50 participants)

Co-Organiser (with Olivier Donni) of a December 2011  international workshop on The economics of couples  at University Cergy Pontoise, (30 participants)

Other workshops organized

-Household economics in honour of Catherine Sofer, Paris, June 2014, with C. Thibout, E. Cudeville, A. Luci.

-The labour market behaviour of couples, Nice, June 2008, ADRES, ANR, CNRS funds.

-Evaluer la Prime sur l’Emploi à la lumière des expériences internationales , OFCE, June 2003.


I  organized a weekly  seminar on labor & public economics  topics at PSE 2016-2017.

 I  organized a monthy seminar on gender-labor  topics at PSE and CES 2012-2016.


Invited speaker, Conference in honour of _Daniel Hamermesh, May 2019, IZA, Bonn, Germany.

Keynote speaker, annual meeting of the Society of the Economics of the Household (SEHO) Lisbon, Portugal, May 2019.

Keynote speaker, annual conference of the Doctoral school of Collegio Carlo Alberto & Turin University, Turin, Italy


 Invited seminar speaker, Carlos Tercero, Madrid, Spain, October 2022.

 Invited seminar speaker, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal, February 2021.

  Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Pavia University, Italy, November 2019.

Invited seminar speaker, doctoral school, Genoa University, Italy, October 2019.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Hambourg University, Germany, May 2018. 

Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Venise University, Italy, February 2018.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Padoa University, Italy, Febr. 2018 (& Febr. 2016).

 Invited seminar speaker, internal seminar series, Oslo Frisch Center, Norway, January 2018.

 Invited seminar speaker, regular seminar series, Zurich EIT, Switzerland, October 2017.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Nanterre University, France, October 2017.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Verona University, Italy, February 2016.

 Invited seminar speaker, departmental seminar, LISER, Luxembourg, May 2015.

 Invited seminar speaker, Labor lunch seminars, Princeton University, United States, April 2015.

Invited seminar speaker, Applied Economics seminar, New York University, US, April 2015. 

Invited seminar speaker, economics department, Queens University, New-York, US, April 2015.

 Invited seminar speaker, population economics lunch seminar, University of Santa Barbara California, United States, February 2014.

 Invited seminar speaker, lunch seminar, University Southern California, Los Angeles, US, Febr. 2014.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, University of Irvine, US, Febr. 2014.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, Aarhus University, Denmark, April 2013.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, Siena University, Italy, November 2012

 Invited seminar speaker, doctoral school in economics, Zaragoza University, Spain, May 2011.

Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, Poitiers University, France, February 2012.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, Le Mans University, France, Nov. 2017.

 Invited seminar speaker, economics department seminar, _Evry University, France, September 2011.


Other earlier career invited seminar invitations:

-CNRS Winter School, Evaluation des politiques publiques, Aussois March 2011 & March 2010.

-Rockwool Center Copenhagen, June 2010

-Siena University, June 2010 & November 2012

-Turin University, November 2009

-University of San Diego State, December 2008

-RAND, Los Angeles, December 2008

-CREST, November 2008

-University Paris 2, 2008

-University Paris 1, 2007.

-University Cergy, 2007 ;

-Tilburg University, CentER 1995,  Econometrics 2005 ;

-PSE, Cepremap, 2002, 2005 ; Piketty lunch seminaires, 2005 and 2012;

-LEO, University Orléans, 2004 ;

-University Gotenborg, Sweden, 1997 ; -University Bergen,  Norway 1997 ; -Université de Aarhus , Denmark, 1997 ;

-University College London 1995 ; -London School of Economics, 1995 ;

-CREST, Paris, 1995 ;

-University Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, 1994 ;

-Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, 1994 ; -Free University, Amsterdam,  1994 ; -University Leiden,  1994


CONFERENCES where I have presented my papers:

-American Economic Association (AEA), Philadelphia, 2018; San Francisco, 2016; Chicago, 2017 &  2012.

-Society of Labor Economists (SOLE): Toronto, 2018,  Washington, 2014;  Boston, 2013;  Chicago 2012; Vancouver 2011, Boston 2009, New York 2008.

-National Bureau Economic Research (NBER) Summer Institute Ageing Workshop, Boston, July 2011.

_Society of the Economics of the Household (SEHO), San Diego June 2017; Paris May 2018; Boston May 2021, London UCL 2022.

-Network for Studies on Pensions, Ageing and Retirement (Netspar),  Leiden, January 2019, Amsterdam January 2014, 2013, 2011.

-European Society for Population Economics (ESPE): Barcelona (virtual) June 2021; Aarhus, Denmark, 2013; Verona, June 2006.

-IZA International Perspectives on Time Use, Maryland University, June 2011; Pensions, Tokyo, May 2015.

-Feminist Economics: Boston 2010, Turin 2008, Amsterdam 1997. 

-European Meetings of the Econometric Society (ESEM): Budapest 2007; Tokyo 1995; Uppsala 1993.

-European Associaton of Labor Economists (EALE) Varsaw 1994, Chania 1996, Aarhus 1997, Paris 2002, Padoa 2022.

-IZA, Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists, Munich, June 2005.

-International Conference Time Use Research (IATUR): Brussels, 2003; Lunenberg, 2009; Paris 2010.

-Journees Micro Appliquee JMA: Nice 2013.

-Association Française d’Economie (AFSE), conférence annuelle, Paris : 2004,  2007. 

-Associazione Italiana degli economisti del lavoro (AIEL), Piacenza, 1993 ; Trento 1996 ; Napoli 2007.

-Association d’Economie Appliquée, Goteborg, 1996 ; Maastricht 1996 ; Perpignan,  1998 ; Pau, 2005.

-International Panel Studies Conference, Paris, 1994 ; Amsterdam, Pays Bas 1995.