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Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann

Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann

PSE Professor

Research Director INRAE

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5th floor, office 09

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 89

  • Agricultural Economics and development
  • Trade/Migration and development
  • Income and Wealth inequality
  • International Trade and Trade policy


Cours Master APE et PPD
Office hours

  Monday 16:00-17:40. Please sign up

  • Heddie Moreno (EHESS), 2021- "Exporting firms' dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa"
  • Christian Abele (EHESS), 2019-2023  « Reputation and trade»
  • Andréa Renk (EHESS et Namur), 2018- "Common property resources and household well-being in Asia", codir. JM Baland avec F.Libois
  • Nathalie Pons-Ferrière (EHESS), 2012-2016, « Aide alimentaire et pauvreté»
  • Mélise Jaud (EHESS) 2007-2010, « Normes sanitaires et phytosanitaires et pays en développement », Thèse co-dirigée avec Olivier Cadot (Université de Lausanne).
  • Barbara Coello (Université de Paris I) 2005-2009, « Impact de l’ouverture commerciale sur les inégalités : le cas du Vietnam », Université de Paris I, thèse co-dirigée avec Lionel Fontagné.
  • Robilliard A.S. (2000) - Trois outils pour l’étude d’une économie agricole pauvre : Microéconométrie, modèle d’équilibre général et microsimulation appliqués à Madagascar, thèse Université de Paris I, directrice : K.Schubert, correspondantes INRA : A. Suwa-Eisenmann et S.Lambert. 
  • Moreno, H. (2020). Export survival and regional experience: evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
  • Chrétien, F. (2019), Global value chain and resilience to shocks in Madagascar
  • Mien, E. (2019), Dutch disease and Agricultural transformations : the case of the CEMAC
  • Benosman, L. (2018), Liquidity constraints, FDI policy and firm export : microeconomic evidence from India
  • Paul, Q. (2017), Agricultural profits and cropping patterns in rural Indonesia, joint supervision with M.Menendez
  •  Vourch Flora (2016), Public investment and migration in Nineteenth-century France, joint supervision with L.Keztenbaum
  • Knebelman, Justine (2015), The Fiscal Impact of Natural Resources : Evidence using new data, co-encadré avec D.Cogneau
  • Amabile, Arno (2014), The distributional effects of trade liberalization : evidence from Indonesia, co-encadré avec M. Menendez, APE, EHESS
  • Zhang,Hao (2014), The Impact of Export Tax on International Trade, APE, EHESS
  • Bonargent, Alix (2013), Rice subsidy and health : an impact evaluation of the Operasi Pasar Khusus program in Indonesia, PPD, EHESS
  • Kim, H. (2012), Financial Factors and Firm Exports: Microeconomic Evidence from South Korea, co-dirigé avec A.C. Disdier, APE, EHESS
  • Pons, Nathalie (2012), “Impact of Food Aid on Production and Sales: Evidence from Rural Ethiopian Villages, mémoire de master PPD, EHESS.
  • Lacan,Claire (2011) “Consumption patterns and import dependence in Indonesia”, PPD, EHESS 
  • Michel,Benoît (2009), Dépendance alimentaire en Afrique, APE EHESS 
  • Leray,Thais (2007), International prices of agricultural commodities, co-encadrement avec M.BenSalem, APE EHESS 
Sujets de masters

Looking forward to discussing with students ! My subjects of interests are :

  • Structural change, natural resources and agriculture : structural transformation from agriculture to industry in developing coutries: 1) developing countries can (over-) rely on food imported abroad; 2) the development of extractive industries generate rents and possibly hinders the competitiveness of other sectors. All these questions are explored using detailed product- or firms or employment data. Possibility to link with data on fire, rain or land-use
  • Food security and nutrition in developing countries. Pass-through from international prices to local prices. Cost and distribution of healthy diets. Concentration in the food systems
  • Developing countries' market access. Diversification vs specialization and vulnerability to supply chains disruptions. Trade policies (regional intergration, standards harmonization, FDI related tax exemptions; aid for trade). On trade or firm data.
  • Trade and income distribution : Trade liberalization impact households' welfare through various channels : consumption, wages and job opportunities, and for rural households, what they produce (food vs export crops). Match trade policies with household budget or labor surveys.