Economics serving society


Masters 1

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The M1 year aims to reinforce fundamental knowledge and basic methodological tools in microeconomics (a sequence of two courses, plus a course in games theory), econometrics (a sequence of three courses), macroeconomics (two courses, plus a course in international economics), and in economic history.
This year involves taking and passing ten obligatory courses, one of six elective courses in a specific field of economics, and a seminar in the social sciences, taken in another department of one of the partner establishments.

Masters 2

The aim of the second year (M2) is to lead students to their first experience of a successful research project. It is centred around a wide choice of advanced courses designed to allow students to acquire specialised knowledge in different domains of current economics research. In the first semester, they choose four core courses from among 22 courses of 36 hours, and in second semester, they select five from among a range of 33 18-hour courses.

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At the same time, training in research processes takes place throughout the year. This consists in participation in a work-in-progress seminar, where students present their first steps in the development of their research projects. This is followed by the conduct of the research itself under the direction of a thesis supervisor, and the writing of a thesis of original work.