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2020-2021 Students

Contact: Pauline Marmin (Roxana Ban will take over from August to december 2020) - master-edcba

EDCBA Msc Directors:

  • Carine Staropoli - carine.staropoli
  • Clive Gallery -


  • Contact: michel.efavilla


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  • Contact: baptiste.grignola


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  • Contact: mona.harnett
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  • In a few words: Well-crafted economic investments have the ability to make unparalleled impacts in our world and I want to be part of it. Born in Japan, to a French mother and a New Zealand father I completed a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland majoring in Economics and Marketing. Post-graduation, I landed a role in New Zealand’s leading media agency - OMD, which is part of the top global advertising corporation (Omnicom). I started as a ‘Graduate Intern’ and was promoted to my 4th role, as a ‘Business Manager’, in under three years. On a day-to-day basis, I analysed and solved business problems for my clients, coming up with innovations to drive revenue. My client portfolio ranged from Insurance companies to FMCG’s, so I am well adapted to moulding my thinking to different industries. Through the EDCBA Master’s program I hope to gain a technical understanding on economic evaluations on projects, to ultimately do good in this world, my vested interests are in: culture, well-being and the environment. I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to challenging and thought provoking work for you.


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  • Contact: lizgabriela.huamani
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  • In a few words: International trilingual economist with academic and professional experience in the USA, Finland, France, and Peru. The main focus of my career is to work towards development through the socio-economic impact assessment of public policies and private projects. The two previous experiences I got gave me the opportunity to work for cultural goods restitution at UNESCO and well-being policy evaluation for the Eurométropole of Strasbourg, accomplishing the goals of both institutions and showing my capacity of adaptation and problem-solving abilities. For the future, I plan to work in an international organization, development agency, or consulting firm where I could combine my quantitative skills, the tools of economic evaluation, and my broad international experience.

Nabila IKHOU

  • Contact: nabila.ikhou


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  • Contact: meng.jiang


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  • Contact: hamza.lahlou
  • In a few words: I am in my final year at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech as a student in the SEGF department (Sciences, Economie, Gestion, Finances). I did two internships last year to find out about the working world and how a business is managed. Therefore I did a first six months internship as a data analyst in a startup (papernest) and another one in a big corporation (ExxonMobil) as a business analyst. Those two experiences showed me that I liked to analyze data and to learn about a business, its strenghts and weaknesses. Therefore, I chose EDCBA to reinforce my analytical skills and my understanding of Economy and Finance.


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  • Contact: nouha.mokhtari
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  • In a few words: I graduated from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane with a Bachelor in Business Administration, double majoring in Finance and International Business. Throughout the 4 years of my degree, I had the opportunity to go twice on exchange programs; Bogazici university in Turkey and Bocconi in Italy. Besides academics, I have conducted 3 internships. The first one was in the field of accounting. The second internship was at an investment bank where I conducted research about the value relevance of accounting information in the Moroccan stock market.Then I served as a research intern at Captain Brownie, a Moroccan CSR consulting company. I have a keen interest in the notion of sustainable development. My objective is to work in an investment fund specialized in renewable and green energies, as I believe it is the best way for me to combine my educational background, and my strong interest for environmental preservation. It is thus only natural that I chose EDCBA master in order to enhance my analytical skills and develop economic evaluation tools in the decision making process.


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  • Contact: bekzat.mukhanova
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  • In a few words: After graduating from the London School of Economics and Kazakh-British Technical University for 8 years I had been developing my financial analytical skills in Deloitte up until the position of a Manager. I had an opportunity to work with international companies presented in such industries like energy and resources, mining, manufacturing and related sectors during long-term assignments in the countries of CIS and Caspian Region. Currently, I am motivated to obtain deeper knowledge and broader skills in economic decisions and socio-economic analysis at EDCBA. I am looking forward to pursuing a career in investment and valuation of the projects. I am passionate about the upcoming challenges that the world economy is facing and want to put at profit my expertise at the service of a sustainable, ecological and profitable development.

Yee Tung POON

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  • Contact: yeetung.poon


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  • Contact: renee.risnoveanu
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  • In a few words: Highly skilled and motivated professional who is currently a master’s student at Paris School of Economics studying Economic Decision and Cost Benefit Analysis. Gained expertise via comprehensive training in Economics with tools such as STATA. Prepared for activities involving economic philosophies as well as broad experience in important economic institutions. Reputation for providing cross-functional leadership and outstanding problem-solving. Communicate clearly with diverse populations in written, verbal, and presentation formats including the creation of statistical reports by collaborating with all administration levels. Passionate about sustainable economic development in smart cities.


  • Contact: alekhya.vavilala
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  • In a few words: I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with minors in Analytical Consulting, Finance and Management. I worked in the Advisory wing of KPMG as Risk Analyst. Throughout my career, I have been in client-facing roles managing projects and programs in technology and business process risk to improve performance. Maintained relationships with clients on a global scale by developing risk identification tools and mitigation strategies, identifying opportunities with existing and new clients. I have also collaborated with C-suite of Fortune 500 companies developing process improvement plans, working in cross-functional teams, leading program management initiatives and creating scalable solutions to quantify performance. Apart from being skilled in technology risk management and relationship building, my strengths lie in my communication skills, data analysis and perseverance for continuous improvement. I utilize these skills to present strategies to clients backed with robust analyses.

Geonho YOU

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  • In a few words: I’m a South Korean student holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in Monetary Finance from University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. I studied for a year in a master’s programme in Econometrics and Statistics at the same university, working at the same time as an Actuarial Data Researcher apprentice for AXA France. Throughout my academic and professional career, I have built a passion for econometrics and statistics or more broadly Data Science and felt the need of integration of social factors into the Data Science field. I have chosen to come to PSE EDCBA programme to better understand the importance of the aggregation of social factors and to obtain related quantitative skills.