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Students’ feedback

Discover our students’ feedback on the EDCBA master, their internships and their career opportunities after their studies.

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Fatou Camara Thiam (EDCBA 2019-2021), Deloitte
“Working in a consulting firm had been my career ambition long before I joined the EDCBA master programme. The annual Job Forum organized by the Paris School of Economics is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with future employers. As for me, I had the chance to engage with Deloitte’s recruitment team on this occasion. Deloitte had heard of the master’s reputation and was willing to recruit one of the EDCBA students. After a preliminary discussion, they scheduled an interview, that eventually led to a 6-month internship. The Job Forum was a crucial step to fulfill my professional ambition.”

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Mona Harnett (EDCBA 2020-2021)
“3 months into the EDCBA course and so far the programme has been extremely well balanced and fascinating. With a combination of mathematical/quantitative courses, well sandwiched between theoretical/research based courses. The programme is dynamically planned in short concise bursts, so you intensively study a topic for two months or so and move on, which I enjoy. I have been beyond impressed by the level of competence from our professors, they are genuinely leading experts in their disciplines, which makes for very relevant and in touch discussions. Hands down, the best part of this experience so far has been to connect with a super cohort of students, with vast international and professional backgrounds. Since we work often on group projects, the different perspectives have been fruitful and sure to lead to lasting relationships beyond EDCBA.”

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Charles-Elie Laly (EDCBA 2018-2020), Citizing
“During my EDCBA master, I did an internship at Citizing Consulting that eventually led to a full-time position as an analyst. The EDCBA faculty network and the job forum have been of significant support to find this opportunity, which is a crucial step towards employment.”
Today, his job consists in assessing the relevance and value of public projects and conducting market studies for Citizing.

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Gaurav Premnath (EDCBA 2019-2021), Lazard Paris
“I chose EDCBA because the degree is offered by two elite universities of France, the ENPC Ecole des Points and the Paris School of Economics. Moreover the opportunity to do a capstone project and the requirement of an internship appealed to me, since I would be able to apply the teachings of the course in a practical and professional manner. The programme has gone beyond my expectations: the teachers and administration are very tight-knit with the students, which is truly unique. In addition, the lasting relationships with other students who are of very different cultural and educational backgrounds are deeply enriching: I got to spend more time with engineering students and they have spent more time with finance and social science students like myself. Eventually, I was able to get my dream internship at Lazard Paris. PSE, an institution at the forefront of the economic conversations and society at the moment, is an excellent place to study.”

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Cecilia Veiga (EDCBA 2018-2020), Lyxor Asset Management
“Before joining the EDCBA master programme, I had done different internships in consulting and financial advisory that comforted me in continuing on this career path. During the Job Forum, I attended the companies’ presentations and got the chance to engage with professionals, which convinced me to pursue more specifically in asset management. After a couple of internship interviews, I eventually joined Lyxor Asset Management’s Cross-Asset Research department for 6 months. This position surpassed all my expectations and taught me immensely. The opportunity given by the Job Forum to get in touch with so many different companies was imperative for me to understand my real career objectives and interests.”