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Capstone Projects and internships

EDCBA promotes dialogue between academic research and new professional practices in consultancy firms, medium and large companies (real estate, banks, and insurance, pharmaceutical, energy and construction companies), regulatory authorities, the public administration (Ministry of Ecology, Ministry of Transport). The programme also fosters entrepreneurship through the creation of a consultancy firm.

Find out where our students do their internships

2019-2020 : Capstone Projects

The capstone project mainly consists of fulfilling a consulting mandate given by a company or any other organization interested in taking advantage of the training provided by our program in economic evaluation of all types of investment projects.

It allows students to approach the realities of corporate life and includes 72 hours taught by staff and guest lecturers with extensive experience in industry. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts how to manage and deliver a consultancy mandate.


  • Autorité de Régulation des Transport (ART)
  • Citizing
  • Lime
  • Renault

Example of a Capstone project: ARAFER
« Cost-Benefit Analysis on the Substitution of Regional Small Railway Lines with Coach Lines in France »
The capstone project offered a methodological framework and a decision support tool regarding the choice of whether to operate regional passengers transport services by train or by coach. While passengers transport services are traditionally operated by train in France, some lines face a low level of activity. Several French regions have therefore to decide whether to keep these “small” train lines, or to substitute them with coach services, which are usually cheaper than train services, but are often perceived as offering a lower quality of service by users. The method aims to take into account not only the public transit authority but also all the other parties involved (users and non-users, firms, the environment).

More Capstone Projects

  • Renault, « Electric Vehicule for all? A cost benefit analysis of the second-hand market solution »
  • Autorité de Régulation des Transport (ART), « Socio-economic impact (ex-post) of liberalisation of coach transport in France »
  • Lime, « A cost benefit analysis of Lime free-floating e-scooter service in Paris »

2018-2019: Capstone Projects


  • Arafer

Example of a Capstone project: ARAFER
CBA of regional transport services: a multimodal perspective. ARAFER, the french multimodal transport regulator is in charge of ensuring the efficiency of interurban ground transport operations. At the regional level, coach transportation may be an alternative to rail transportation in the absence of railway infrastructure or if the expected passenger demand is too low. The Capstone project proposed by ARAFER is dedicated to the comparison of coach services and train services using cost-benefit analysis. The objective is to better understand what are the advantages and the drawbacks of each mode, and their scope of relevance.


4-month internship: practice what you have learned during the past year
Internship’s thesis: go beyond your internship
Where do the students do their internships? Société Générale, Citizing, OECD, Engie, Deloitte Montréal, etc.

How to find internship opportunities
Various seminars are organised throughout the year, during which professionals will come and present their missions and projects they’ve conducted in the past years. This is the opportunity for the EDCBA students to directly approach organisations and potential recruiters.
In addition, two job forums take place every year: PSE holds a Job Forum at the end of the first semester of every year, where over 20 organisations come and meet with the students. The ENPC also organises, along with 3 other top schools, a Forum Trium, a meeting event for students and companies. The 2019 edition gathered over 200 companies.

PSE and the ENPC are involved in helping students find an internship
The EDCBA professors are truly committed in helping the students make contacts and find internships. In addition, the ENPC dedicated Career Center helps students finding a valuable internship programme with the help of the Master’s sponsors, as well as making informed decisions about career goals and find opportunities related to their professional objectives.

See the ENPC’s list of partners:

Where do EDCBA students do their internships?

Fatou Camara Thiam, Deloitte
“Working in a consulting firm had been my career ambition long before I joined the EDCBA master programme. The annual Job Forum organized by the Paris School of Economics is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with future employers. As for me, I had the chance to engage with Deloitte’s recruitment team on this occasion. Deloitte had heard of the master’s reputation and was willing to recruit one of the EDCBA students. After a preliminary discussion, they scheduled an interview, that eventually led to a 6-month #internship. The Job Forum was a crucial step to fulfill my professional ambition.”
EDCBA student (2019-2021)

Cecilia Veiga, Lyxor Asset Management
“Before joining the EDCBA master programme, I had done different internships in consulting and financial advisory that comforted me in continuing on this career path. During the Job Forum, I attended the companies’ presentations and got the chance to engage with professionals, which convinced me to pursue more specifically in asset management. After a couple of internship interviews, I eventually joined Lyxor Asset Management’s Cross-Asset Research department for 6 months. This position surpassed all my expectations and taught me immensely. The opportunity given by the Job Forum to get in touch with so many different companies was imperative for me to understand my real career objectives and interests.”
EDCBA student (2018-2020)