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Requirements and Applications

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The MSc EDCBA - entirely taught in English - is designed for new and recent graduates holding a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent). Candidates with more than three years’ work experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Admission to the EDCBA program is very competitive and the selection committee pays close attention to all aspects of your application.

Five steps

On, you can start the process whenever you want, create and save your profile step by step. Each application undergoes five phases :

1. Submit your application online until July the 7th (See the requirements and schedule sections below).

2. Applications are analysed on a rolling-basis. Once completed, your application is reviewed within 10 days.

3. Preselected applicants will be proposed an interview via video conference. The objective is to measure the relevance of the programme with your own educational qualifications and professional plans.

4. Final acceptance is announced within a week after the interview, and we then contact you to finalize the process. Do not hesitate to visit our “Prepare your arrival” section.

5. Once accepted, you can apply to the EDCBA scholarship programme which is based on the quality of the application file and on the candidate’s financial resources (see below).


Session 1:
Deadline for submitting your application: 12th December 2020
Interviews: 18th January 2021
Admission jury: 19th January 2021

Session 2:
Deadline for submitting your application: 12th March 2021
Interviews: 22th March 2021
Admission jury : 23th March 2021

Session 3:
Deadline for submitting your application: 29th April 2021
Interviews: 3rd May 2021
Admission jury: 4th May 2021

Session 4:
Deadline for submitting your application: 6th June 2021
Interviews: 9th June 2021
Admission jury: 11th June 2021

Session 5:
Deadline for submitting your application: 7th July 2021
Interviews: 13rd July 2021
Admission jury: 15th July 2021


  • Undergraduate degree: The master EDCBA is open to candidates holding a 4-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in Engineering, Economics (with high quantitative skills), Mathematics or Statistics.
  • GMAT or GRE score (optional): Admitted students usually have a quantitative score in the 90th percentile, verbal score in the 80th percentile and analytical writing score is at least 5.
  • Work experience: It is not mandatory to have any full-time work experience prior to applying to the program. However if you have any relevant experience, either full-time or via an internship, this will be considered as part of your application for the program.
  • References: Two academic or professional references submitted via the application website. If you are in the process of completing a degree program, one reference should be from your current institution.
  • English language test: A test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test Scheme (IELTS) must be taken, and all minimum scores met (unless eligible for a waiver) if either your first language is not English or you are not from a majority English speaking country, as defined by the UK Visas and Immigration office.

>> See the list of the required documents (pdf)

Tuition fees

The Master of Science EDCBA tuition fees are €15,000.

Scholarships & financial support programme

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EDCBA has a scholarship program dedicated to the admitted candidates. The selection will be based on the quality of the application file and on the candidate’s financial resources. The procedure to apply to the scholarship program will be given upon acceptation.

However, the amount of the scholarship does not cover the total fees of the EDCBA programme. Students are thus invited to apply to other means of funding at the same time. A complete list of scholarships and grants is available on « CampusBourses » listing:

Looking for additional funding? Some platforms and private actors propose funding; Postgrad Solutions for example offer 15 bursaries across a number of subject areas:


EDCBA is based at the PSE campus in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. This brand new 12500 m² building houses around 1500 researchers, students, and administrative teams of the PSE and the Ecole normale supérieure. The Jourdan campus offers ideal conditions: numerous classrooms and working spaces, a 300-seat amphitheater, a library with more than 50000 books, a student home…

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