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PPD - Public Policy and Development

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The social demand for the quantitative evaluation of public policies is rising. Demand for more precise evaluation is seen everywhere and at all levels of society - central and local administration, firms, civil society - in advanced or developing countries as well as in international organizations.
In this context, in 2008 PSE created the Public Policy and Development Master program. The PPD masters is a two-year research-based training program. The PPD master prepares students to become experts in designing, analyzing and evaluating public policies in both developed and developing countries. It combines rigorous training in analytical and quantitative economic methods with an emphasis on both policy and practice.

The PPD Master provides a solid foundation for progressing into the PhD program at PSE or elsewhere. If you do not wish to go to a doctorate, the PPD Master provides advanced quantitative skills required for a professional economist in the public or the private sector.

The PPD Master puts a strong emphasis on quantitative methods: measurement, econometrics, quantitative evaluation of policies. This is a full-time program, which is very demanding in terms of personal workload. The pedagogy relies not only on courses but also on tutorials, team projects and individual guidance during office hours. The MI year ends with a two-month internship. During the M2, students follows advanced specialization courses and write a dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member. The program is akin to the system that is in place in most US universities, where the first two years of PhD program are devoted to course work (and the admission into the third year is conditional on successful performance on the first two years).

Class size is small (30 in M1, 40 in M2) with half of the class being non French. Each year, half of the class proceeds to the PhD program, mostly at PSE. Others enter professional careers in the private or public sector (national or international).

Three Top French academic institutions deliver the PPD Master diploma : EHESS, PSL (Paris Sciences et Lettres) via Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and ENPC-Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. PDD is further supported by the Paris School of Economics, the Institut pour la recherche sur le développement (IRD) and the Centre pour la recherche économique et ses applications (CEPREMAP). It has strong links with J-PAL and the Institute for Public Policies (IPP).

Visit the dedicated webpages presenting the PPD program:

For any additional information please contact the Masters Office: master-ppd

This programme is funded by a French government subsidy managed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche under the framework of the Investissements d’avenir programme reference ANR-17-EURE-0001.