Economics serving society

Being a SIA student

Head of the master: Carine Staropoli and Clive Gallery
Teaching Secretary: Homa Soroosh

SIA 2022/2023 Programme

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Online resources

Thanks to the online teaching resources interface, teachers can share with students:

  • the course documents;
  • the tutorial classes;
  • details about the functioning of the course.

On this website, students can also subscribe to mailing lists for advanced courses.

Teaching evaluation

At the end of each course sequence, students are invited to give their opinion of their courses and their professors. Several questions are asked, ranging from the availability of the professor to the pedagogical content of the course. The results of these evaluations are taken into account for the following university year.

Student representation

Each year, the students elect two representatives. The elections are held in November-December. The student representatives will have the opportunity to express their views on the teaching during two annual meetings with the director of teaching and when they are invited to the education council. In addition, they participate in the development of teaching modules for the following year and in the examinations committee.

Students association: SYNAPSE

The Synapse Association has two main goals. One the one hand, its objective is to organize parties and cultural events in and outside PSE to promote a “school spirit” and increase students’ occasions to meet and share good times together. On the other hand, it has the ambition to be a complement to the formations provided at PSE. The goal is to strengthen the relations with the Alumni, and to build great opportunities (internships, round tables...) for the students at PSE and their future professional paths. Come to meet us in Room 1-01 !


Throughout the year, various seminars are organized for SIA students, in order for them to get in touch with practitioners and interact with companies and organizations that are involved with projects appraisals and cost-benefit analysis, and who can be potential employers as well.

03/09/2018: Welcome session, ENEDIS Smart City visit
07/11/2018: Forum Trium, organized by students of ENSTA, ENPC, MINES, ENSAE
19/11/2018: Seminar Socio Economic Evaluation, Emile Quinet, ENPC
27/11/2018: PSE Job Forum 2018-2019
28/11/2018: Seminar Economic theory and Cost-benefit analysis: connections, nature and limits, Roger Guesnerie, PSE
17/12/2018: Webinar Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation, SIF - Training program manager - Cédric van Riel, SIF
Week of 17/12/2018: Christmas drink
29/01/2019: Seminar CBA as part of the Public Investment Management Systems: experience in Latin American countries, Anne-Laure Mascle-Allemand, consultant
April 2019: Visit of a Renault Factory (part of the Investment Decision course) with Isabelle Delarbre, TIVOLY Group
Week of 27/06/2019: Summer Drink
02/09/2019: Welcome session, ENEDIS Smart City visit
17/09/2019: team building – Escape Game
28/11/2019: PSE Job Forum 2019-2020
Seminars: Professionals are invited to present projects they have worked on. This is a way of giving an insight to the students on what to expect and network with several organizations.
24/09/2019: Gaston Grosjean, New Services and mobility Team Leader – Research Department, Renault
14/10/2019: Olivier Frémond, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships and development specialist
15/10/2019: Olivier Frémond, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships and development specialist
21/10/2019: Xavier Miraillès, Government Relations Manager et Fanny Brûlebois, Directrice Affaires Publiques, France & Benelux, Li.Me
22/10/2019: Anne-Laure Mascle-Allemand, CBA consultant
24/10/2019: Olivier Frémond, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships and development specialist
04/11/2019: Olivier Frémond, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships and development specialist
03/12/2019: Benoit de Saint Sernin, Public Affairs Manager at ESSO S.A.F. and Gildas Guillosseau, EXXONMOBIL CHEMICAL France.
18/12/2019: Julie Ansidei, Head of Strategy and Sustainable Finance, Direction of Regulation and International Affairs, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)
29/01/2021 - 10/03/2021: PSE Job Forum 2020-2021
13/01/2022: MSc SIA Seminar Series: Overview of Green Finance
27/01/2022: PSE Job Forum 2021-2022
21/03/2022: SIA Annual Conference “Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure to reach Net-Zero Emission
24/11/2022: PSE Job Forum 2022-2023