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2019-2021 Students

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  • Contact: flora.agbomson at
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  • In a few words: After a specialization in financial engineering and economics during my studies at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, I designed a decision support tool for investments in the worldwide R&D portfolio of an automotive supplier company and then performed financial analysis in an investment bank. I feel like the SIA master provides exactly what the industry needs : a quantitative and powerful support tool for sound decisions. I am very interested in working for innovative companies while being open to any opportunity.


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  • Contact: ny-sata.andrianirina at
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  • In a few words: My name is Ny Sata, I’m from Madagascar. Having a real passion about new technologies and digital transformation, I am also very aware of the importance of ecological transition and sustainable development. I can add that I have my whole background in Economics with strong interest in Public Economics. I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics applied to Economics at the University of Lille and a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Development run by Paris School of Economics. During the year 2019-2021, I decided to put a new challenge in my life by choosing the MSc SIA because I would like to work later in Development Banks or the SGPI in France so that I could apply what I would have learned through the Public Investment Decisions but could also be able to assess their Socio-Economic Impacts in the society.

Maxence ASSIE

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  • In a few words: I am eager to reinforce my knowledge and develop the skills necessary today to conduct an investment decision in the master Sustainable Impact Analysis at Paris School of Economics in order to deliver a well-developed understanding of the economics, science and policies associated with health, energy, smart cities and technological disruption.

Oussama BENANI

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  • Contact: oussama.benani at
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  • In a few words: I graduated from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, with a master’s in Mathematics and System optimisation applied to greenfield and construction projects. I have developed a strong interest for infrastructure projects while working on the budgeting and the planification of large projects within international construction groups. I am keen to pursue a career in the investment side focusing on infrastructure assets. The Sustainable Impact Analysis Master’s program at Paris School of Economics is a great opportunity for me to build a finance-oriented knowledge with an emphasis on Investment analysis. I believe combining my quantitative skills and the tools of economic valuation would be of a great added-value and would enable me to develop a broader approach of the challenging transport and energy infrastructure projects.


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  • Contact: lina.faik at
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  • In a few words: I am a final year engineering student from l’Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, currently following the MSc Sustainable Impact Analysis at Paris School of Economics. I am strongly interested in using advanced analytical methods and modelling techniques to solve challenging problematics in several sectors such as energy, infrastructure and digital transformation. I am very enthusiasm about this master program that will provide me with the economic background required to analyse complex issues with an innovative and data-driven approach.


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  • Contact: benoit.granger at
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  • In a few words: After graduating from a French engineering school in economics and a French financial school in econometrics, I’m currently involved in MSc SIA to get knowledge in quantitative tools to support economic and financial decision-making. I’m especially interested in working on digital transformation and smart cities economics topics, and the way to combine financial profit with new contemporary issues, for consulting firms, bank groups, industrial compagnies or international institutions.


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  • Contact: a.herrera-masurel at
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  • In a few words: I have joined the MSc SIA at PSE as my final year at the Ecole polytechnique, after spending a gap year at Total Solar as a renewable energy project developer. My aim here is to acquire economic and financial tools and practical insights on a wide variety of fields such as energy, health, and digitalization. I hope these will help me thrive in those industries, which I think will be key in the next decades.


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  • Contact: vincent.horvilleur at
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  • In a few words: Prior to the MSc SIA, my academic background consists in a double-major bachelor’s degree in Economics and English, then a master 1 in management from Paris-Nanterre University and three years of experience in international development. I lived in Mexico City for three years where I was senior analyst for a social enterprise aiming at modernizing traditional retail businesses. Beforehand, I was based in Paris, and worked with the French Development Agency on investment projects in and Africa (smallholder farming, sustainable forestry) and Latin America.

Zitao MA

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  • In a few words: My name is Zitao MA and I am a student from Paris School of Economics. I would describe me as a calm and easygoing person; I love solving problems and handling stresses. For my career goals, I dream to be an economic advisor or counselor in governmental or international institutions giving them analyses for costs and benefits. Taking international trade company as an example, I will give critical advice on information integration such as outsourcing, cost control and quotation, evaluation of off-shoring and in-shoring business operations in the global context and other sustainable solutions.

Charles PAPIN

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  • Contact: charles.papin at


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  • Contact: gaurav.premnath at
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  • In a few words: Sustainability is a revolution that is coming and must come to face the impending threats of climate change. It will have far reaching impacts on policies, businesses and the economy. I believe the SIA program will provide a very diverse and technical set of expertise to understand and influence the sustainable investments of the future.

Delphine RATTEZ

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  • Contact: delphine.rattez at
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  • In a few words: After graduating from Audencia Business School in Finance, I am excited to start the MSc SIA and to gain knowledge about the economic evaluation of a project. My goal is then to contribute within a private or public organization to driving investments in the projects with the best financial, social and economic performances.

Fatou Camara THIAM

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