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2022-2023 Students

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Kanika ARORA

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  • In a few words: I have a masters degree in International Business from a government run university in India. After completing my graduation I have worked for two different companies as a Corporate Trainer and a Sale and Marketing Representative for a total time period of 2 years and 6 months. I took some research work during my graduation and took up on investment during covid. My keen interest towards research and investing pushed me to opt for a degree like MSc SIA to get a thorough knowledge of the field and put it into perspective as an Investment analyst both private and public. Studying here will help me gain the required analytical skills needed to approach and evaluate a project or an investment decision.

Baptiste BUIS

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  • In a few words: After obtaining my engineering degree, specializing in sustainable development. I worked 2,5 years as an Energy and Climate consultant, helping private and public bodies, from a wide range of sectors (energy, agri-food, textile…), to tackle climate change and craft their climate strategy to face decarbonization and climate risks. Throughout this experience, I’ve had the opportunity to manage projects (up to 130k€, 4 consultants) and to gain a global view of corporate climate strategies. With the SIA master’s, I want to develop my skills in the field of economics and finance. In particular by strengthening my ability to assess the costs and benefits of investments that will enable organizations to face the climate crisis, and by learning robust economic decision-making tools. Besides this master’s, I am a lecturer at ESILV engineering school, where I give a class on Decarbonization and energy mix to M1 students.


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  • In a few words: Passionate about how telecommunications have unleashed society developments and how data has become at the core of business breakthroughs, I have just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications engineering and business analytics. During these last years at the university, I have worked on technical projects and coding disciplines that open one’s doors to a great set of industries. Currently, I am looking forward to being involved in the energy transition using data analytics and finance across sectors to contribute to a more sustainable world working in a team with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Chun Ho GUN

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  • In a few words: After completing my bachelor degree in Risk Management and Statistics at The University of Hong Kong, I worked in a bank in Edinburgh,Scotland as an analyst where I led the analytical projects and conducted different researches on foreign exchange. I am an explorer and keen to take on new challenges. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in an exchange program in Lyon, France. Besides academics, I also have conducted two internships. The first one was for a Magic circle law firm Linklaters LLP where I conducted legal and corporate research, training and library management and the second one was for an insurance company FWD Group where I analysed and managed the portfolio and built the automatic tools by VBA and SAS. I was also keen on working for start-ups and NGOs. My passions also lie in social media, scuba diving, hiking, yoga and travelling. My objective is to pursue my career in investment decisions and valuation of projects specialised in energy and/or transports in Asia as I believe this is the best way for me to combine my educational background and my ambition and interests in sustainable development. SIA will provide me with the knowledge I need and expand my horizon.

Anoushka HOODA

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Chang JING

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  • In a few words: Holding a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and a master’s degree in financial engineering, I’ve developed an strong appetite for both finance and economics. Now I’m a engineering student in École des ponts majoring economics and I also work for a crypto hedge fund as quantitative researcher. I choose sustainable impact analysis as my final year since it can satisfy all my needs for economic knowledge. A course that combines theory and practice can help me master how to use economics to understand the world, which is what I am interested in.


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  • In a few words: Last year, I graduated from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne where I studied computer science and applied mathematics. There, I gradually develop a deep interest in the field of artificial intelligence and in particular data science and machine learning. Besides academics, I gained some professional experience: I worked for the launch of a French start-up for a year, then, I managed and implemented a machine learning research project with the CNRS, and more recently, I did a six months internship as a data scientist in the French Ministry of Defence. Thanks to the M.Sc. SIA program, I want to develop my analytical skills and understanding of economics, sustainability and finance in order to tackle better complex issues and upcoming challenges with an innovative and data-driven approach.


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  • In a few words: After almost 10 years of working in Central Banking across three different European central banks I felt it was time for a change and decided to go back to study an area I am passionate about, where I see a lot of possibility for personal growth and personal satisfaction. I have worked in areas of supervision, insurance, IT projects and data analysis during this time. I have learned a lot about working in teams as a member and also as a manager. In my private life I enjoy yoga and reading, especially historical fiction and sci-fi.This year I am looking forward to learning about sustainability in economics and meeting people interested in the same areas as me, with different personal and professional experiences. After this course I am interested in working in either the public or private sector to evaluate investment projects for sustainable development.

Satsuki OGAWA

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