Economics serving society

Career Prospects

SIA (formerly known as ECDBA) promotes dialogue between scientific research and new professional practices. It aims at training executives working in private and public sectors in jobs related to project evaluation and management. In this area, the demand for highly skilled executives is significant (consulting firms, banks, large industrial firms, government agencies, energy providers, regulatory authorities...), but these firms look for managers and analysts able to deal with complexity and multiple stakeholders, rather than pure specialists.

Skills acquired

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Upon graduating from the MSc SIA program, students will have solid knowledge of the central concepts, theories, and research methods of economic evaluation as well as applied skills.

In particular, you will be able to:

  • Carry out investment economic evaluation analysis in various fields through advanced analytical techniques.
  • Design investment strategies and manage infrastructure projects.
  • Assess the suitability of each evaluation method according to the sector, available data and purpose of the evaluation.
  • Apply computational and statistical methods to analyse data and to manage databases.
  • Report results in a clear and understandable manner to support decision making.

“Economic evaluation and cost-benefit analysis require both analytical skills and knowledge on practical implementation. This new Master programme carried by two institutions of academic excellence will train the needed experts while helping them to diffuse among public and private actors the economic evaluation’s culture and know-how.” Roger Guesnerie, Professor of Economics, Collège de France - PSE

Career prospects

The MSc has received the strong support of large organizations, public and private, which provide internships and expressed the will to reinforce skilled staff ready to face a fast changing economic and financial world.

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A dedicated Career Center helps students find an enriching internship program with the help of the Master’s Sponsors, as well as make informed decisions about career goals and opportunities related to their professional objectives.

Taking advantage of the Alumni network of the Paris School of Economics and the École des Ponts ParisTech, the MSc SIA attracts several leading companies, agencies, public institutions to deliver presentations. This provides interactions and expose our students to their potential employers.

The skills acquired enables students to work in Europe and abroad in:

  • Construction, IT, health, energy, water, real estate, natural resources industry
  • Financial institutions and Banks
  • Investment Funds for Infrastructure
  • Development Banks or equivalent
  • Leading consulting firms
  • Assistant to Contracting Authority (ACA) firms
  • Public sector institutions and administration