Economics serving society

(2019-2020) Thesis Defenses

Thesis defenses 2019-2020, from the most recent one
  • Alexia Lochmann
    Alexia Lochmann
    July 24, 2020
    Essays on the Economics of Migration and Cultural Identity
    Under the supervision of RAPOPORT Hillel
  • Ingy Helmy
    Ingy Helmy
    July 23, 2020
    Three Essays on Institutional Investors Participation in Infrastucture Projects
    Under the supervision of STAROPOLI Carine and MARTY Frédéric
  • Clara Martinez-Toledano
    Clara Martinez-Toledano
    July 1, 2020
    Essays on the Accumulation, Distribution and Taxation of Wealth
    Under the supervision of PIKETTY Thomas
  • Guillaume Pommey
    Guillaume Pommey
    June 29, 2020
    Essays on Asymmetric Information and Regulation
    Under the supervision of MARTIMORT David
  • Juni Singh
    Juni Singh
    June 29, 2020
    Essays on Social Networks and the Role of Information
    Under the supervision of JEHIEL Philippe
  • Adrien Fabre
    Adrien Fabre
    June 22, 2020
    Is decarbonization achievable? Essays on the economics of the energy transition.
    Under the supervision of FODHA Mouez and VIDAL Olivier
  • Aurélie Sotura
    Aurélie Sotura
    June 3, 2020
    Politiques du logement, inégalités territoriales et marchés de l'immobilier
    Under the supervision of PIKETTY Thomas
  • Victor Pouliquen
    Victor Pouliquen
    December 10, 2019
    The Impact of Economic Institutions on Small Firms in Developing Countries
    Under the supervision of GURGAND Marc
  • Jonas Heipertz
    Jonas Heipertz
    December 2, 2019
    Three Essays in Financial Networks and Shock Propagation
    Under the supervision of RANCIERE Romain and OUAZAD Amine
  • Clément Brébion
    Clément Brébion
    November 27, 2019
    Vocational Education and Training and Industrial Relations in France and Germany
    Under the supervision of ASKENAZY Philippe and ERHEL Christine