Economics serving society

(2022-2023) Thesis Defenses

Thesis defenses 2022-2023, from the most recent one

Benjamin Blumenthal
Policymaking, Accountability, and Influence
Under the supervision Thierry Verdier

Mélanie Gittard
Climate Change, Droughts and Water Pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa
Under the supervision Denis Cogneau and Philippe Quirion

Marian Abdelnour Atallah
Skills in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Under the supervision David MArgolis

Gabriela Carmen Pilay Jaramillo
Globalisation and innovation dynamics in Latin American economies
Under the supervision Angelo Secchi and Lorenzo Angelo Carlo Cassi

Alexis Ghersengorin
Essays in Decision Theory and Information Design
Under the supervision Jean-Marc Tallon and Franz Dietrich

Youssef Souidi
School Assignment Policies, School Segregation, and Student Skills – Evidence from the French School System
Under the supervision Julien Grenet et Elise Huillery

Paul Brandily
Hysteresis from Adverse Shocks Essays in Applied Economics
Under the supervision Laurent Gobillon et Gabrielle Fack

Caroline Coly
Three Essays on Gender Inequality in Labour Markets
Under the supervision Eric Maurin

Cyril Verluise
Essays on the Diffusion of Innovation
Under the supervision Philippe Aghion

Paolo Santini
Trade unions as organizations: membership, workforce composition and the wage structure. An analysis over the XXth and XXIst centuries in Western countries
Under the supervision Jérôme Bourdieu and Thomas Breda

Francesco Filippucci
What Works? Evaluation of Three Public Policies in the Field of Labor and Public Economics
Under the supervision Marc Gurgand

Nitin Kumar Bharti
Essays on Socio-Economic Inequality and Development in India and China: A Historical & Institutional Perspective
Under the supervision Guilhem Cassan and Thomas Piketty

Caroline Liqui Lung
Belief Formation and Identity-Driven Choice Behavior
Under the supervision Olivier Compte and Philippe Jehiel