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MACROECONOMICS - Understanding macroeconomic fluctuations

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The macroeconomics sequence in the PSE summer school introduces students to the frontier of research on a variety of topics. We cover both short-term macro analysis in closed and open economies and medium-term issues such as bubbles, unemployment and financial crises.

Important: within the context of the covid-19 international health crisis, the 2020 PSE Summer School has been cancelled


The aim of the programme is to provide the essential tool box of macroeconomics. Emphasis is put on introducing tools and developing deep understanding. All courses review core, standard models that are useful for understanding crises and recessions, and the role of policy therein. We then introduce recent research at the frontier.

« This programme was academically and socially rewarding! Sharing opinions with colleagues from other institutions (and learning from them) is something I value very much. » Pablo, 2019


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Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at intermediate level is highly recommended.

How will professionals benefit from the programme

Professionals can get an edge by keeping in touch with research. This involves not only awareness of recent developments, but also being able to critically evaluate this research, whose findings are all too often highlighted in a positive light in popular media, despite methodological shortcomings. Participants in the macro sequence will be exposed to the architecture of modern research and will be able to analyze modelling assumptions and discuss their relevance. This is a critical skill for any decision maker who wants to make the best out of modern research.

How will students benefit from the programme

Students will learn or consolidate essential skills in light of the most recent literature. The sequence is particularly useful for students enrolled in a Ph.D. program with less than comprehensive coursework requirement. MA students will get a fresh exposure to macroeconomics as it is produced by leaders in the field and taught at an advanced level.

Participants profiles

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