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(25 mai) International Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective Workshop

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International Macroeconomics in Historical Perspective

Date : Le 25 mai 2021, de 11:30 à 17:30


“The Rise and Fall of Global Currencies Over Two Centuries”, Roger Vicquéry (Banque de France)

“Zombie International Currency : The pound sterling, 1945-1971”, Maylis Avaro (Oxford University)

12:30-14:00 Lunch break

“Deviations from covered interest rate parity in financial crises”, David Chambers (Cambridge University), Olivier Accominotti (LSE), Victor Degorce, Jason Cen

“The Aftermath of Sovereign Debt Crises : A Narrative Approach”, Rui Esteves (Graduate Institute Geneva), Seán Kenny and Jason Lennard

15:00-15:15 Break

“The International Consequences of Bretton Woods Capital Controls and the Value of Geopolitical Stability”, Paulina Restrepo-Echavarria (St Louis Fed ), Lee E. Ohanian, Diana Van Patten Mark Wright

“Reconstruction Aid, Public Infrastructure, and Economic Development : The Case of the Marshall Plan in Italy”, Michela Giorcelli (UCLA) and Nicola Bianchi

16:15-16:30 Break

Keynote Lecture by Moritz Schularick “Central bank balance sheets and the macroeconomy 1587-2020”
Discussion by Matthieu Bussière (Director, Monetary and Financial Studies, Banque de France)


Organisateurs :
Eric Monnet (PSE, CEPR)
Alain Naef (Banque de France)

Revoir la Keynote Lecture en replay :