3 mars 2010 - « Reform of Public Finance in Japan » by Hiroko OTA

Seminaire ouvert
Mercredi 3 mars 2010, 14h-15h30
Ecole d’Economie de Paris, Salle E101
48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris
(Métro : Porte d’Orléans, ligne 4 / RER B : station Cité universitaire)


Japan’s fiscal situation has deteriorated drastically since the 1990s. In this seminar, Hiroko Ota will first discuss the factors behind this deterioration. Then, she will review public finance reforms in Japan since the Koizumi Cabinet. Next, the problems of public finance management in the current administration will be highlighted. Finally, the speaker will argue important reforms for fiscal consolidation.


Hiroko Ota is Professor and Vice-President of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo. She had a double career researcher/professor (Japan Institute of Life Insurance, Osaka University, Saitama University and GRIPS) and of bureaucrat (Cabinet Office, Economic Research Bureau). From September 2006 to July 2008, she has been Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy. Her research areas are Public Finance and Economic Policy. Among our numerous publications, one can quote the following three books published in Japanese : The challenges of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy for Structural Reform of Japanese Economy, Toyokeizai Shinposha, 2006 ; Tax Reform in Japan, Toyokeizai Shinposha, 2002 ; Economics of Risk Taking, Toyokeizai Shinposha, 1996.


  • « Sortir de la crise : la question de la dette publique » Table ronde avec Hiroko OTA et Christian SAUTTER, Robert BOYER 4 mars, 19h-21h, EHESS, 105 Bd Raspail 76006 Paris, Aimphithéâtre François Furet
  • “The Japanese economy and economic structural reform in Japan” Hiroko OTA 17 mars, 15h-17h, EHESS, 105 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris, Salle 2 L’invitation de Hiroko OTA est coordonnée par la Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS. Pour plus d’information, contactez–nous par mail.