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5 juillet « Emerging Economies », workshop CEPII et PSE (G-MonD)

Centre d’analyse stratégique – 18, rue de Martignac – 75007 Paris
Conference room « Pierre Guillaumat »

This international workshop aims at confronting recent works on the role of emerging economies in the recent years. The increasing importance of developing countries in the world economy has recently drawn the attention of theoretical and applied economists, particularly concerning its implications in terms of economic growth, export patterns, labor markets and structural policies. This workshop intends to open up the discussion on

  • (i) the characteristics and determinants of labor markets in emerging economies
  • (ii) the effects of India’s structural reforms on manufacturing firms’ performance
  • (iii) the macro and micro-economic determinants of China’s economic growth and export boom.
    The workshop is composed of four sessions.

Registration (compulsory – limited number of seats) : sylvain.riffe chez

Download the complete program in pdf

Registration : 9:00 – 9:20
Welcome address : 9:20 (10’) Agnès BÉNASSY-QUÉRÉ (CEPII) and Akiko SUWA-EISENMANN (PSE).

Session 1 : Assessing the impact of globalization

9:30 – 11:00 Chair : Ray BARRELL (World Economic Forecasting, NIESR)

  • « Routinization-Biased Technical Change, Globalization and Labor Market Polarization : Does Theory fit the facts ? » (30’), Jaewon JUNG and Jean MERCENIER (Université Panthéon-Assas - G-MonD)
  • “Foreign Bank Presence and its Effect on Firm Entry and Exit in Transition Economies” (30’) Olena HAVRYLCHYK (CEPII)
  • General Discussion (20’)
    Coffee break – 11:00-11:30

Session 2 : Structural Reforms and Manufacturing Firms Performance in India

11:30 – 13:00 Chair : Gianmarco OTTAVIANO (Bocconi University)

  • “Services Reform and Manufacturing Performance : Evidence from India” (30’) Jens ARNOLD (OECD), Beata JAVORCIK, Molly LIPSCOMB and Aditya MATTOO
  • “The Decision to Import Capital Goods in India : Firms’ Financial Factors Matter” (30’) Maria BAS and Antoine BERTHOU (CEPII)
  • General Discussion (20’)
    Lunch (to be confirmed) – 13:00 -14:30

Session 3 : The Micro-determinants of the Export Performance in China

14:30 – 16:00 Chair : Philippe MARTIN (Sciences Po) (to be confirmed)

  • “Weighing China’s Export Basket : An Account of the Chinese Export Boom, 2000-2007” (30’) Richard UPWARD, Zheng WANG (University of Nottingham) and Jinghai ZHENG
  • “Export Performance of China’s Domestic Firms : the Role of Foreign Export Spillovers” (30’) Florian MAYNERIS and Sandra PONCET (Université Paris 11- CEPII).
  • General Discussion (20’)

Session 4 : Global Imbalances, Economic Growth and Financial Markets

16:10 – 17:30 Chair : Francesco GIAVAZZI (Bocconi University)

  • “Rebalancing Growth in China : An International Perspective” (30’) Agnès BÉNASSY-QUÉRÉ (CEPII), Benjamin CARTON (CEPII) and Ludovic GAUVIN
  • “Financial Liberalization : Efficiency Gains and Black-Holes” (30’) Aaron TORNELL and Romain RANCIÈRE (PSE) (to be confirmed)
  • General Discussion (20’)

Concluding remarks and research agenda

17:30 – 17:45 Christophe DESTAIS (CEPII)

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