La science économique au service de la société
Agnès Bénassy Quéré

Agnès Bénassy Quéré

Professeur à PSE

Professeur Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

4e étage, bureau 02

Tél. 01 80 52 17 38

  • Macroéconomie internationale

Documents de travail

  • "Taxing capital and labor when both factors are imperfectly mobile internationally", with Hippolyte d'Albis and Amélie Schurich-Rey, first draft, July 2018. New draft, Oct. 2019
  • "Trade and currency weapons", with Matthieu Bussière et Pauline Wibaux, CEPII working paper No. 2018-08, June 2018; CESifo working paper No. 7112, June 2018. New draft, May 2019.
  • "Competition and pass-through on international markets: Firm-level evidence from VAT shocks", with Ph. Andrade and M. Carré, Mimeo, November 2015.
  • "A case for intermediate exchange-rate regimes", with V. Salins, CEPII working paper n° 2010-14, August 2010.
  • "Economic crisis and global supply chains", with Y. Decreux, L. Fontagné and Khoudour-Castéras,  CEPII working paper n° 2009-15, July 2009.
  • "The crisis: policy lessons and policy challenges", with B. Coeuré, P. Jacquet and J. Pisani-Ferry, CEPII working paper n° 2009-28, November 2009.
  • "Imitation amongst exchange-rate forecasters: evidence from survey data", with M. Beine and H. Colas, CEPII working paper n° 2003-08, July 2003.
  • "Institutions and Bilateral Asset Holdings", with V. Salins, CEPII working paper n° 2006-19, December 2006, revised version May 2008.
  • "Short-Term Fiscal Spillovers in a Monetary Union", CEPII working paper n° 2006-13, July 2006.