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PSE recrute : Assistant Professor in Economics - sept. 2020

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The Paris School of Economics (PSE) is hiring one Assistant Professor in Economics.

The position starts on 1 Sept 2020 for a period of six years. The successful candidate will receive a three-year contract that is renewable once after a mid-term review. Following a successful tenure evaluation, the assistant Professor will then be offered a permanent position in the French academic system.

PSE invites applications from strong candidates in all areas of economics. We offer an exciting research environment, a low teaching load, and no administrative obligations. Knowledge of French is NOT required. Proven research abilities are essential and the PhD should be completed by the date of the appointment.

Full application instructions are available at Applications should be submitted online before 20 November 2019. Please note that candidates are requested to submit a PSE-specific application form as part of their application. The form is available here. Any queries regarding the application process can be sent to pse.recruitment.2019

We will interview candidates both at the ASSA meetings in San Diego and at the EEA job market meeting in Rotterdam. However, the composition of our interview teams will be slightly different. We will interview candidates in behavioral economics, economic history, public/labor economics, and regulation/environmental economics preferably in Rotterdam. We will interview candidates in development, macroeconomics, political economy, theory, and trade preferably in San Diego.