La science économique au service de la société

Étudiant.e.s 2021-2022

Contact : Homa Soroosh - master-edcba

Directrice et directeur du master EDCBA :

  • Carine Staropoli - carine.staropoli
  • Clive Gallery -


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  • Contact : bhavya.agarwal


  • Contact : yara.barbar


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  • Contact : simon.cardoen
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  • En quelques mots : I am graduated with honours in Financial Economics and Business at the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne and at the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas. I decided to enroll in the Msc EDCBA to specialize in investment decisions, applied to industrial sectors. Besides the Msc, I am working in a private equity fund in the Deeptech sector as an intern. I worked as a junior economist on corporate financing and industrial policies at France Stratégie and I am a teaching assistant at the Catholic University of Paris in Corporate Finance.

Giulio CISCO

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  • En quelques mots : After completing a Master’s degree in Economics with honours at the University of Verona (with a study experience in Germany), I decided to enroll in the EDCBA programme because I am very interested in investigating the impacts of economic decisions in the future, with a focus on sustainability and intergenerational equity. In particular, I like to understand how to make the best possible decisions from a rational perspective to maximise social welfare. Alongside academic experiences in research and teaching, I also have a passion for music, having completed a Master’s degree in violin. After studying with musicians from the world’s leading orchestras, I worked as a professional violinist for many years, winning international awards, and performing with orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout Europe.

Francisco GABRIEL

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  • Contact : francisco.gabriel
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  • En quelques mots : I have studied mathematics, then computer science. I have worked both as a safety consultant and as a software engineer. At the EDCBA master’s degree, I expect to learn how to use my technical background to drive better decision-making. I am a GiveDirectly ambassador, a Signal promoter, proudly Azorean and a firm believer in PSE’s motto : « Economics serving society ». Feel free to reach out to me.


  • Contact : juan.guijarrotortosa


  • Contact : adam.huynh

Cyprien LÉAUTÉ

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  • Contact : cyprien.leaute
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  • En quelques mots : After a specialization in corporate finance during my studies at the Université Paris Dauphine, I worked as a Venture Capital Analyst in the Greentech sector. I am passionate about the upcoming challenges that the world economy is facing and want to put at profit my expertise linking innovation and sustainable development. For the future, I plan to work in a development agency or consulting firm where I could combine my analytical skills and the tools of economic evaluation learned at the EDCBA master’s degree. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone.


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Gurjot SINGH

  • Contact : gurjot.singh