La science économique au service de la société

Étudiant.e.s 2018-2020

Contact : Pauline Marmin - master-sia chez
Directrice du master SIA : Carine Staropoli - carine.staropoli chez


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  • Contact : hasnae.bakkar chez
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  • En quelques mots : An enthusiastic person with versatile academic background, theoretical as well as empirical in Economics, Finance & Management. Keen in keeping learning everyday to develop myself and my entourage, the opportunity to speak English, Arabic & French languages provide me the chance to function well in an international environment, business, and in the world which has become a global village. To be considered in the SIA master will make me able to forge my future career on professional as well on a personal level.


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  • Contact : felix.bastit chez
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  • En quelques mots : After studying theoretical physics in Ecole polytechnique, I am currently following the MSc « Sustainable Impact Analysis » in PSE to pursue my career in the public sector thanks to the Corps des Ingénieurs des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts. My motivations for the public sector is to serve the common good using all the knowledge I acquired during my different formations (in physics and in economics, in France and abroad).

Charles-Elie LALY

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  • Contact : charles-elie.laly chez
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  • En quelques mots : I am a trilingual and mobile business graduate from McGill University. I performed sales analytics at an automotive OEM and market research at an aerospace SME. I am very enthusiastic about the new Master program at Paris School of Economics which focuses on cost-benefit analysis : a powerful and broad-encompassing tool to support sound decision making. I would be much interested in working for such industries as aerospace, maritime transport or energy.

Anastasiia NERUBENKO

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  • Contact : anastasiia.nerubenko chez
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  • En quelques mots : I am seeking a competitive and challenging environment where I can serve your organization and establish an enjoyable career for myself.

Cédric OPPÉ

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  • Contact : cedric.oppe chez
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  • En quelques mots : Engineering student from Ecole des Ponts majoring Economics, I wish to apply the skills I acquired during my studies and internships by running Cost-Benefit Analysis for the public sector. I am interested in the field of transport, but also very curious and open-minded regarding all projects of general interest.


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  • Contact : camilla.stronati chez
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  • En quelques mots : I am very interested in many aspects of economics but during my studies I developed a strong interest in public economics and economic policy. In particular, I would like to play a role in the crucial achievements that could be reached in environmental economics. I believe that my strong motivation and the excellent preparation, both theoretical and practical, provided by the MSc in Sustainable Impact Analysis, make me a suitable candidate for working in the public sector and international institutions.

Cecilia VEIGA

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  • Contact : cecilia.veiga chez
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  • En quelques mots : I am an Economist with a minor in Risk Analysis by PUC-Rio (Brazil), having worked with academic and public policy research as well as in consulting and advisory roles in the energy sector and public-private partnerships. I am very excited to do a Master program that combines my deep interest for statistics with a practical and humanistic approach in cost-benefit analysis. With that in mind I would like to work in a challenging environment that pushes me to be creative-thinker.