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MACROECONOMICS - Understanding macroeconomic fluctuations

June 24 to June 28, 2024

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This program is sponsored by PSE’s Macroeconomic Risk and International Macroeconomics Chairs.

Ambitions :

The Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy program is made of courses dealing with topics at the frontier of policy‐relevant research : monetary and fiscal policy ; heterogeneous households, inequality and redistribution (“HANK” models) ; financial crises ; bubbles ; labor markets and unemployment ; and international linkages. The courses are taught by leading research and teaching figures in their respective fields. Emphasis is put on introducing tools and developing intuition. All courses review core, standard models useful for understanding crises and recessions, and the role of policy therein. Each course contains at least one part that deals with recent research at the frontier.

Prerequisites :

A pre‐requisite knowledge of macroeconomics at intermediate (Master or very strong undergraduate) level is preferable, although not formally required.

Main concepts/theories/software… learned during the program :

Essential concepts and state-of-the art research in international finance, heterogeneous agents models, the analysis of asset bubbles, financial crises, and employment fluctuations.

Skills acquired thanks to the program :

The essential tool box of macroeconomics such as DSGE modelling.

How will MA and PhD students benefit from this program ?

The course scans a variety of topics and offers many possibilities for designing a research program, which may prove particularly helpful for writing a Ph. D. Thesis.

How will professionals benefit from this program :

Professionals will acquire better ways to conceptualize the complex real world issues they are facing and put them in perspective in light of recent developments in theoretical and empirical research.

Two modes of participation are offered for the 2024 Edition :

  • In person, taking into account the highest health measures to protect the participants and professors. On site, our parisian campus offers teaching and logistics space : classrooms, teaching theater, garden, coffee and lunch breaks facilities...
  • Online, proposing interactive lectures in real time and, beyond, online office hours with professors to facilitate interactions. PSE offers technologies and process that will ensure high quality communication for online participants, both with professors and with other participants.
  • For all the participants, full sets of lecture notes and presentations will be made available, as well as the recordings of the courses.
  • This program is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, which PSE validates.

Contents – Macroeconomics :