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MIGRATION ECONOMICS - Development impacts of migration and challenges in global labor markets

June 17 to June 21, 2024

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This program is sponsored by PSE’s International Migration Economics Chair.

Migration is a major aspect of globalization and is increasingly at the center of the public and policy debates. What are the impacts of migration for migrants, their home/host communities and countries, and the world ? How to address the challenges of identifying the impacts of migration on the labor market, development, and on social and political change ? What is the impact of climate change on internal and international migration ? To answer these questions, the course will provide modern tools to analyze the causes and consequences of migration and will present state of the art models and literature on the economics of migration. It will expose participants to the frontier of research in the field and discuss avenues for future academic and policy research.

Prerequisites :

Master or graduates in economics with strong theoretical and empirical skills.

Skills acquired thanks to the program :

The program combines theoretical modeling in the migration literature with the most recent and rigorous empirical evidence.

"I really enjoyed [...] the lectures (included the plenary lecture) and the possibility to discuss our research topic with all the lecturers and participants ! Our group was very dynamic and thus the activities were very interesting." Mariele, 2017

How will MA and PhD students benefit from this program :

It will provide you with modern tools to analyze the consequences of migration (in host or origin countries ; at the global or more local levels), and will present state of the art models and literature on the economics of migration : useful to identify the frontier of research and think of avenues for future research.

"The migration summer school helped me in creating networks and presenting innovative methodological approach." Elsa, 2019

How will professionals benefit from this program :

The program focuses on a major aspect of globalization, which is increasingly at the center of the public and policy debate. You will improve your ability to critically evaluate research and gain a better understanding of the economics of migration and associated policies. It will also help you think on how to design relevant policies.

Two modes of participation are offered for the 2024 Edition :

  • In person, taking into account the highest health measures to protect the participants and professors. On site, our parisian campus offers teaching and logistics space : classrooms, teaching theater, garden, coffee and lunch breaks facilities...
  • Online, proposing interactive lectures in real time and, beyond, online office hours with professors to facilitate interactions. PSE offers technologies and process that will ensure high quality communication for online participants, both with professors and with other participants.
  • For all the participants, full sets of lecture notes and presentations will be made available, as well as the recordings of the courses.
  • This program is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, which PSE validates.

Contents – Migration Economics :