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ECONOMIE EXPERIMENTALE - Outils et méthodes empiriques pour l’étude des comportements économiques

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Ce programme se déroule intégralement en langue anglaise. Pour éviter toute ambiguïté sur ce point, les informations présentées ici et dans la pages associées sont donc en anglais.

L’École d’été 2021 se déroulera à la fois en ligne et sur le campus de PSE - les détails relatifs à ce programme et aux candidatures seront mis en ligne prochainement.

While experiments have been seen for long as a specific domain within economics, the experimental method is now widely considered as a tool among others in the typical economist’s toolbox. Its use has shed light on many areas, on the theoretical side (decision theory, game theory, markets) as on the more applied and descriptive ones (policy, development, labor economics, industrial organization, health economics, to name a few). It has led to the development of “behavioral economics”, but its general relevance runs deeper than that.


The program offers an overview of experimental methods and techniques aimed at understanding economic behavior : how to design, implement and analyze an experiment so to answer a research question

« I learned a lot from all the lectures. I especially liked the feedback sessions on our projects. I spoke to several faculty members and a PhD student about my project and got a lot of advise on what to consider to make the project better. The feedback given was constructive and encouraging. » Karen, 2019


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Solid background in economics and microeconomics, basics of econometrics.

How will professionals benefit from the programme

Rigorous experimental methodology are often overlooked in professional environments, despite their huge advantages in terms of evaluation. By understanding better the methods one can better evaluate existing experimental research, and consider experimental design that is useful for practical applications.

How will students benefit from the programme

Experimental methodologies are often not part of the standard curriculum, despite the generality of its benefits (applied/professional research ; fundamental research). This course will introduce you to state of the art methodologies and applications.

Participants profiles

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