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MICROÉCONOMÉTRIE ET ÉVALUATION DES POLITIQUES PUBLIQUES - Méthodes modernes d’estimation et machine learning

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Ce programme se déroule intégralement en langue anglaise. Pour éviter toute ambiguïté sur ce point, les informations présentées ici et dans la pages associées sont donc en anglais.

L’École d’été 2021 se déroulera à la fois en ligne et sur le campus de PSE - les détails relatifs à ce programme et aux candidatures seront mis en ligne prochainement.

The Microeconometrics and Policy Evaluation programme presents recent developments in the microeconomic analysis of impact evaluation. Providing a credible estimation of a causal effect has become a standard in economic analysis, both in research papers and policy reports. But it is also equally important to integrate the estimated effects into economic models, in order to improve the design of policies. The program therefore proposes a comprehensive approach of policy analysis. Students will also attend practical econometrics classes in Stata, according to their level of proficiency (beginners versus intermediate).


This course aims at providing theoretical insights on methods for public policy evaluation, as well as experience in data manipulation and Stata software.

« [I really appreciated] the structured way of teaching policy-evaluation in theory, in particular using the same policy example for being evaluated with different methods. Also, i think the informal atmosphere was very nice » Søren, 2019


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The requirements to follow the course are a good background in economics or quantitative methods, and basic knowledge of STATA.

How will professionals benefit from the programme

The methods proposed are of interest for researchers and professionals in public and private institutions. Participants will be able to strengthen their methods in analysing data with microeconometric methods, and improve their ability to critically evaluate research.

How will students benefit from the programme

The summer school is designed for master and graduate students wishing to gain additional skills in applied microeconometrics and in policy evaluation.

Participants profiles

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