La science économique au service de la société

ORGANISATION INDUSTRIELLE - Plateformes, réseaux sociaux et données

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Ce programme se déroule intégralement en langue anglaise. Pour éviter toute ambiguïté sur ce point, les informations présentées ici et dans la pages associées sont donc en anglais.

L’édition 2021 se déroule sur le campus de PSE. Toutes les mesures sanitaires requises seront mises en place afin de protéger les participants et les enseignants. Les espaces de travail et logistiques (pauses, repas...) sont en taille et en nombre suffisants pour permettre un accueil dans les meilleures conditions. Pour toute annulation relative à l’épidémie de COVID-19, les participants seront intégralement remboursés, sans condition.

Two-sided markets and networks can be found in many industries, including search engines or communication networks such as the media and the internet. This program will focus on these industries, and propose a discussion on important issues that are currently debated in the economic literature and policy circles : Platforms and Data, Media Platforms and Advertising, Social Media Platforms, and Search and Platform Design.


This program introduces participants to the key concepts at the frontier of applied platform economics. The point of departure is the concept of two-sided markets, where two groups interact through an intermediary, or platform, that captures the value of externalities between the groups.


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Students are assumed to have good knowledge of Game Theory, Microeconomics and Econometrics (Master level or very good undergraduate level). Each professor has additional pre-requisites in each course description.

How will professionals benefit from the programme

Practitioners interested in antitrust laws and economics will have the opportunity to discuss competition cases related to exclusionary strategies (abuses of dominant positions in Europe) and collusion. This course will focus on specific issues such as how dominant firms can use exclusivity clauses and market-share discounts in order to deter entry or evict competitors.

How will students benefit from the programme

This program will discuss theoretical and empirical tools that can be used by Master students and PhDs to develop their economic models in the course of their future scientific carrier.