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ORGANISATION INDUSTRIELLE - Les stratégies de marché, les performances des entreprises et la régulation

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Everything you need to know about the Industrial Organization programme 2018 is in the dedicated brochure : download this document (pdf format) with all the courses objectives, topics, structure and references.
June 25th > June 29th

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This program will consist of three main topics in Industrial Organization : Competition Policy, Economics of Platforms, and new empirical aspects of industry dynamics and productivity. The program offers a blend of theory and empirics.
Competition Policy is obviously a large and diverse subject. We decided to consider this year two main aspects of it.

Philippe Gagnepain will discuss the empirical side of the topic. He will develop the main techniques used to assess market power, cartel damages and to carry out merger simulations. His presentation will be both up-to-date and comprehensive with a particular attention to the applications to cases.
David Spector will address a few economic issues raised in several recent antitrust cases. He will focus in particular on some recent advances in the theory of exclusionary conduct, and on practices that can facilitate collusion, such as information exchanges or certain vertical restraints.

Bernard Caillaud will consider industries organized around platforms such as the video game sector, the media industry or the card payment system. The rising of the internet clearly makes these configurations more and more common and raises questions for regulators and competition authorities. He will develop the theoretical literature that provides the main tools to understand firms’ strategies and market performance of these types of industries. He will also show how traditional antitrust analysis of firms’ strategies may be affected by these platforms.

Angelo Secchi proposes an overview of the statistical properties characterizing the structure and the dynamics of modern business firms obtained in the last few decades thanks to the availability of micro data. We set up stylized theoretical frameworks in which the origin of these properties can be investigated. Concerning productivity, Angelo Secchi will present the state of the art techniques to estimate the different indexes of productivity. He will also review the main stylized facts on productivity together with its major determinants.


Participants will have the opportunity to submit a paper to be presented within this program. Selected papers will be presented in front of participants and faculty in daily one-hour slots


Students are assumed to have good knowledge of Game Theory, Microeconomics and Econometrics (Master level or very good undergraduate level). Each professor has additional pre-requisites in each course description.


  • Bernard Caillaud is Professor at the PSE and Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. His recent research in Industrial Organization addresses issues related to the development of the digital economy : the economics of platforms, price discrimination and personal data, the economics of intellectual property. His work with Bruno Jullien is among the first published papers on platforms.
  • Philippe Gagnepain is Professor at the PSE and at Université de Paris 1. He does research on empirical aspects of firms strategies. He recently published a paper with David Martimort in the AER on the empirical aspects of contracts in the urban transport industry.
  • Angelo Secchi is Professor of Economics at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and at Paris School of Economics. His research covers industrial dynamics, international trade, economic geography and applied econometrics and it has been published in several peer-reviewed international journals.
  • David Spector is associate Professor at PSE and Chargé de Recherche at CNRS. He is also partner at MAPP which is a firm of experts dedicated to antitrust cases. His research is mostly on antitrust.

Programme Supervisors : Philippe Gagnepain and Jean-Philippe Tropéano


The program will be organized to balance empirical and more theoretical presentations.

Monday June, 25th
9 am - 9.30 am Welcome Coffee
9.30 am – 12.30 pm David Spector, Recent Advances in Competition Economics
12.30 pm - 1 pm Lunch
1 pm - 2 pm Workshop with David Spector and Angelo Secchi
2 pm - 2.30 pm Break
2.30 pm - 5.30 pm Angelo Secchi, Industrial Dynamics
5.30 pm – 6.30 pm Thomas Piketty, Plenary Lecture
From 6.30 pm Welcome cocktail

Tuesday June, 26th
9 am - 12 pm David Spector, Recent Advances in Competition Economics
12 pm - 12.45 pm Lunch
12.45 pm - 1.45 pm Tutorials with Angelo Secchi
1.45 pm - 2 pm Break
2 pm - 5 pm Angelo Secchi, Industrial Dynamics
From 6 pm Social Event

Wednesday June, 27th
9 am - 12 pm Bernard Caillaud, The Economics of Platforms
12 pm - 12.30 pm Lunch
12.30 pm - 1.30 pm Workshop with Philippe Gagnepain and Bernard Caillaud
1.30 pm - 2 pm Break
2pm - 5 pm Philippe Gagnepain, Competition Policy : Empirical Methods

Thursday June, 28th
9 am - 11.30 am Bernard Caillaud, The Economics of Platforms
11.30 am - 12 pm Break
12 pm - 1 pm Workshop with Philippe Gagnepain and Bernard Caillaud
1 pm - 2 pm Lunch
2 pm - 5 pm Philippe Gagnepain, Competition Policy : Empirical Methods
From 6 pm Social Event

Friday June, 29th
9 am - 11.30 am Bernard Caillaud, The Economics of Platforms
11.30 am - 12 pm Break
12 pm - 1 pm Workshop with Philippe Gagnepain and Jean-Philippe Tropeano
1 pm - 2 pm Lunch
2 pm - 4 pm Philippe Gagnepain, Competition Policy : Empirical Methods
From 6.15 pm Farewell cocktail/certificates

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