La science économique au service de la société
Éric Maurin

Éric Maurin

Professeur à PSE

Directeur d'études EHESS

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

3e étage, bureau 07

Tél. 01 80 52 18 57

  • Economie de l’éducation
  • Politiques publiques
  • Protection Sociale
  • Organisation du travail et relations professionnelles


Selected Papers:

A pleasure that hurts: the ambiguous effects of elite tutoring on underprivileged high school students, Journal of Labor Economics forthcoming (with Son-Thierry Ly and Arnaud Riegert).


"Competitive Schools and the Gender Gap in Field of Study", Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming (with Fanny Landaud and Son-Thierry Ly).


 "Following the crowd: leisure complementarities beyond the household", Journal of Labor Economics, 35 (4), 1061-1088,  2017 (with Simon Georges-Kot and Dominique Goux).


 Adjusting Your Dreams? Highschool Plans and Dropout Behaviour, Economic Journal, 127 (602), pp. 1025-1046, 2017 (with D. Goux and M. Gurgand).


 Reading enjoyment and reading skills: Lessons from an experiment with first-grade children, Special Issue on Randomized Experiments, Labour Economics, 45 (C), 17-25, 2017 (with D. Goux and Marc Gurgand).


 Getting Parents Involved : a Field Experiment in Deprived Schools, Review of Economic Studies, vol. 81 (1), 57–83, 2014 (with F. Avvisati,  M. Gurgand and N. Guyon).


 Worktime Regulations and Spousal Labor Supply, American Economic Review, vol. 104(1), 252-76, 2014 (with D. Goux and B. Petrongolo).


 The Effect of Tracking Students by Ability into Different Schools: A Natural Experiment, Journal of Human Resources, 47 (3), 684-721, summer 2012 (with N. Guyon and S. McNally, FEEM prize EEA congress).


 Set Identified Linear Models, Econometrica, 80 (2), May 2012 (with C. Bontemps and T. Magnac).


 Every child matters? an evaluation of special education needs programs in England, Economic of Education Review, 31 (6), 932-948, 2012 (with François Keslair and Sandra McNally).


 Public School Availability for Two-year Olds and Mothers' Labour Supply, Labour economics, vol. 17, 951-962, 2010  (with Dominique Goux).


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 Vive la révolution! The long run effect of 1968 on angry students, Journal of Labor Economics, 2008 (with S. McNally).


 Partial identification in binary choice models: discrete regressors and interval data, Review of Economic Studies, 2008, (with T. Magnac).


 Close neighbours matter: neighbourhood effects on early performance at school, Economic Journal, 2007 (with D. Goux).


 Demand for Education and Labor Market Outcomes: Lessons from the Abolition of Compulsory Conscription in France, Journal of Human Resources, 2007 (with T. Xenogiani).


 Identification and Information in Monotone Binary Models, Journal of Econometrics, 2007, (with T. Magnac).


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 The Impact of Parental Income on early Schooling Transitions: A Reexamination Using Data over Three Generations, Journal of Public Economics, 2002.


 Fixed Term Contracts and the Dynamics of Labour Demand, European Economic Review 2001 (with D. Goux and M. Pauchet).


 The Decline in Demand for Unskilled Labour: An Empirical Analysis Method and its Application to France, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2000 (with D. Goux).


 The Persistence of Inter-Industry Wages Differentials: A Reexamination Using Matched Worker-firm Panel Data, Journal of Labor Economics, 1999 (with D. Goux)