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Katrin Millock

Professeure à PSE

Directrice de recherche CNRS

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  • Environnement et ressources naturelles dans les pays en développement
  • Commerce, migrations et développement
  • Economie du changement climatique
  • Transition énergétique
  • Fiscalité verte



Special Issues

"Editorial: Economics of the Environment in the Shadow of Corona Virus", Environmental and Resource Economics 76(4), 519-523, August 2020 (with Ian Bateman, Astrid Dannenberg, Robert Elliott, Michael Finus, Phoebe Koundouri, Alistair Munro, Elizabeth Robinson, Daniel Rondeau, Ingmar Schumacher, Eric Strobl and Anastasios Xepapadeas).


"Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Developing and Transition Countries: Introduction to the special issue", Environment and Development Economics 20(4), 425-433, August 2015 (with Johanna Choumert and Pascale Combes Motel).


Selected Refereed Journal Articles


Survey Articles

  • "La taxation énergie-climat en Suède". Droit de l’Environnement, Numéro spécial Les Entretiens du Conseil d’Etat : La fiscalité environnementale, n° 175 janvier 2010.
  • "Environmental Taxes: A Comparison of French and Swedish Experience from Taxes on Industrial Air Pollution". CESifo DICE Report - Journal for Institutional Comparisons 2(1), 30-34, Spring 2004 (with Céline Nauges and Thomas Sterner).


Selected Book Chapters

  • "Climate and Migration", In Climate and Development, edited by A. Markandya and D. Rübbelke, World Scientific, 2021, pp. 309-349. (with C. Withagen).
  • "Les migrations induites par le changement climatique: une stratégie inévitable?" In Penser le Changement Climatique, edited by J.-M. Bonnisseau, A. Mandel, Y. Toma and F.G. Trébulle, Publications de la Sorbonne, 2015, pp. 85-87.

  • "The Clean Development Mechanism". Invited contribution to Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, edited by Jason Shogren, Elsevier, 2013, pp. 15-21.
  • Greening Household Behaviour: the Role of Public Policy, OECD Publishing, 2011. Co-author with O. Beaumais, A. Briand and C. Nauges of one of the technical reports that served as main input.
  • "The Danish Agreements on Industrial Energy Efficiency", In R. D. Morgenstern and W. A. Pizer, Reality Check: The Nature and Performance of Voluntary Environmental Programs in the United States, Europe and Japan, RFF Press, 2007, pp. 86-104 (with Signe Krarup).
  • "NOx Emissions in France and Sweden: Advanced Fee Schemes versus Regulation", In Choosing Environmental Policy: Comparing Instruments and Outcomes in the United States and Europe, edited by W. Harrington, R.D. Morgenstern and T. Sterner, RFF Press, 2004, pp. 117-132 (with Thomas Sterner).


Unpublished working papers 

  • What are Households Willing to Pay for Better Tap Water Quality? A Cross-Country Valuation Study (with Olivier Beaumais, Anne Briand and Céline Nauges). FEEM Working Paper 24.2014


Selected works

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