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Marc Morgan Milá

Marc Morgan Milá


World Inequality Lab

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5e étage, bureau 70

Tél. 01 80 52 17 36

  • Inégalités de revenus et de patrimoines
  • Économie politique et institutions
  • Economie politique du développement
  • Histoire du développement
  • Patrimoine, revenu, redistribution et fiscalité

I am a research economist at the World Inequality Lab in the Paris School of Economics, working on economic distribution and development from a measurement, historical and institutional perspective. I completed my PhD at PSE in December 2018. I was a visiting scholar at the Department of Public Policy and Intervention and the INET Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford from January to April 2018.



Working Papers 

  • The Weight of the Rich: Improving Surveys Using Tax Data (with Thomas Blanchet & Ignacio Flores) [pdf]
  • Falling Inequality vs Persistent Concentration: Reconciling Recent Evidence for Brazil from Surveys, Administrative Data and National Accounts
  • Distributing Growth During Late-Development: New Evidence on Long-Run Inequality in Brazil (1926-2016) (with Pedro Souza).


Research Notes

  • Brazil Divided: Hindsights on the Growing Politicisation of Inequality (with Amory Gethin). Issue Brief 2018/3, October, 2018. [pdf].
  • Rising Inequalities and Political Cleavages in Spain  (with Amory Gethin and Clara Martinez-Toledano). Issue Brief 2019/4, April 2019. [pdf]. [Spanish version].


Ongoing Projects

  • Latin American Inequality Revisited: What can we Learn from DINA? (with Ignacio Flores and Mauricio De Rosa)
  • Accounting for Capital and Wealth in Latin America (with Luis Bauluz and Ignacio Flores)
  • The Transformation of Wealth in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Ireland, 1970-2016 (with Pierce Daly)
  • Distributional National Accounts of Ireland (with Cian Allen and Pierce Daly)
  • Inequality of Personal Wealth and Inheritance in Brazil (with Gedeão Locks)
  • Catching up or Forging Ahead? Gender Inequality in Brazil in a Comparative Perspective (with Pedro Souza)
  • The Long-Run Expansion of Social Spending in Brazil: A Developmentalist View of Welfare-State Growth



Journal Articles

  •  Extreme Inequality: Evidence from Brazil, India, the Middle East, and South Africa (with Lydia Assouad and Lucas Chancel), American Economic Association: Papers & Proceedings, 2018, vol. 108, p. 119-123. [pdf].


Book Chapters

  • Perspectivas sobre a reforma fiscal no Brasil, in Fagnani, E. 2018 (ed). A Reforma Tributária Necessária – Menos Desigualdade: Proposta de Novo Desenho da Tributação Brasileira. São Paulo: ANFIP, FENAFISCO. [pdf of IPC-IG working paper in English]
  • Desigualdade de Renda, Crescimento e Tributação da Elite no Brasil: Novas Evidências Reunindo Dados de Pesquisas Domiciliares e Dados Fiscais, in J.R. Afonso, M.R. Lukic, R.O. Orair & F.G. Silveira (eds.), Tributação e Desigualdade, Letramento & FGV Direito Rio, 2017.
  • Capital, Nationality, and State Sovereignty: New Links for the 21st Century, in G.P. Lima and M.A. Madi (eds.) Capital and Justice. World Economics Association (WEA) Books, 28 June 2017.