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Avner Seror

Avner Seror


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  • Économie du développement
  • Comportements individuels
  • Théorie du Choix Social
  • Changements structurels

Directeur de thèse : VERDIER Thierry

Année académique d'inscription : 2014/2015

Titre de la thèse : Essays on Political Economy and Cultural Evolution

Année de la soutenance de thèse : 2017/2018

Date de la soutenance de thèse : 19 mars 2018

Currently looking for a post-doc position, Graduation expected in March 2018. 


Main fields: Political Economy; Economics of Cultural Transmission and Socialization; 

Secondary field: Economic Developmment


Work in progress:


  • A Theory on the Evolution of Religious Norms and Economic Prohibition, Accepted subject to minor revisions, Journal of Development Economics

This paper provides a new rationale for religious prohibition against secular sciences or usury. I suggest that prohibition is a strategic doctrinal innovation for religious leaders seeking to increase the diffusion of religious preferences because it creates interferences between occupational decisions and parental investments in intergener- ational cultural transmission. This theory also sheds new light on the determinants of prohibition, of its duration and of collusion equilibria between religious and political elites.


  • Multi-candidate Political Competitions and the Industrial Organization of Politics, with Thierry Verdier

In this paper, we present and micro-found a theory of multi-candidate political competitions that allows to study various issues related to the industrial organization of politics. The flexibility of our analytical framework is demonstrated through several applications on the topics of special interest politics, redistribution under alternative electoral rules, coalition formation in the legislature and franchise extension.


  • Intergenerational Rearing and the Transmission of a Cultural Cognition

This paper uses insights from developmental psychology on rearing practices and from the economic literature on the formation of preferences to build a new comprehensive analysis of early cognitive development. Indeed, the intricate linkage between intergenerational cultural transmission and cognitive development provides an interpretation grid for recent empirical results, and opens new research perspectives. We are able to link the existence of disparities in early cognitive development to rearing practices, and find that parents' income and time preferences are crucial in fostering authoritative parenting methods, that, in turn, create the conditions for their children's early accumulation of a cognitive capital. Our analysis allows as well to study child maltreatment as a costless rearing practice that fosters the production of toxic stress, and that consequently depreciates children's cognitive capital. We provide a simple condition that predicts child maltreatment, and show that when it appears, it is likely to persist throughout the entire rearing period. We also suggest that the use of television and video materials for rearing purposes can widen the existing disparities in the early acquisition of a cognitive capital.


Ongoing projects:


  • Endogenous Cultural Identities, Social Distinctions and the Diffusion of Cooperation, with Thierry Verdier
  • Primaries in Politics: the Missing Link? 
  • Political Parties and Ideologies