Elena Stancanelli

Elena Stancanelli

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Directrice de Recherche CNRS

Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

3e étage, bureau 09

Tél. 01 80 52 18 59

  • Economie publique
  • Méthodes quantitatives
  • Économie du bien-être
  • Comportements individuels

I am applied micro economist. My research interests are in the area of applied household economics.


I have recently studied the retirement decision of spouses Spousal retirement under individual pension design and  the effect of retirement on marital stability marital-instability-and-retirement-july-5.pdf with Karina Doorley.


I also have ongoing work on the effects of terrorism on economic outcomes  boston-marathon_july-13.pdf with Andrew Clark and Orla Doyle.


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Recent Publications:

"Partners’ Leisure Time Truly Together Upon Retirement",  with Arthur van Soest, IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2016,  retirement-leisure-stancanelli-van-soest-mars-14.pdf


"Long Workweeks and Strange Hours”, with Daniel Hamermesh, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Cornell University Press, 2015, Vol. 68, No. 5,  1007-1018 ( NBER WP 20449, September 2014, and IZA DP 8423).paper.pdf;


"Do children of the first marriage deter divorce?", with Héctor Bellido, José Alberto Molina, and Anne Solaz, Economic Modelling, 2016.paper


"How to Reduce the Costs of Institutional Long-Term Care while Monitoring its Quality? Focus on Family and Portable Allowances", IZA World of Labor, 2015, August, 1-10: Institutional long-term care and government regulation . paper


"Toyboys or Supergirls ? An  analysis of partners' employment outcomes when she outearns him", with Hans Bloemen, Review of the Economics of the Household, 2015, ,13 (3), 501-530.       paper.pdf


"Income taxation, labour supply and housework: a discrete choice model for French couples", with Arthur Van Soest and Jan Kabatek,  Labour Economics, 2014, Vol. 27, pp. 30-43. paper.pdf


" Maids, Appliances and Couples' Housework: The Demand for Inputs to Domestic Production", with Leslie Stratton, 2014,  Economica, Vol.81, pp. 445-467.  paper.pdf