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Our Alumni - former masters and PhD students

Alessandra Pizzo (ETE 2012, PhD 2016)

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I arrived at PSE to do the ETE Master and went on to do a CIFRE thesis between PSE and the Banque de France. What PSE gives to its students is a vast range of possibilities: top-ranking professors in all fields of economics, an excellent introduction to the international academy through many seminars and invited speakers. It is this richness and diversity of exchange derived from them that makes a researcher grow. I encourage PSE students not to be shy and to make the most of it!
Post Doctoral fellow, Universidad de Chile

Alexandre de Cornière (APE 2008, PhD 2012)

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I look fondly to the time I spent at the Paris School of Economics, first as a Master student then as a PhD student. I enjoyed the exciting intellectual environment and the collegial atmosphere among students. Now in Toulouse, I follow from a distance but with great interest the evolution of PSE. Happy anniversary!
Assistant-Professor TSE, Young Economist Essay Award 2011 (EARIE)

Andrea Garnero (PPD 2010, PhD 2015)

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One cannot believe that PSE is only 10. A top research community, a vibrant campus and a key reference for policy-makers from all around the world in just 10 years. I was part of the first cohort of the Public Policy and Development Master Programme in 2008 but the PSE brand was already very strong. Half start-up, half established institution, PSE provided me a unique mix of state-of-the-art research tools and strong links to the real world. Sometimes researchers do not see much outside academia and research. At PSE it’s different. Top academics encourage exchanges between disciplines and work environments. This was key for me and I think it is fundamental for any good economist inside or outside academia.
Economist at the Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Department of the OECD

Arthur Silve (APE 2006, PhD 2015)

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Thanks to its body of first-class professors, the Paris School of Economics rivals the best universities in the world for scientific quality. I received my Master’s degree in 2006, then my doctorate in 2015. What progress was made in that time! We can bet that soon, PSE will also rival the best for the placement of its students. It was a fine adventure in any case, and today I am proud to claim my membership of the PSE community.
Assistant Professor, Laval University - mention spéciale prix AFSE 2016

Camille Terrier (PPD 2012, PhD 2016)

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Mes années à PSE ont été un formidable tremplin, grâce à la qualité des cours, des séminaires, les opportunités d’échanges à l’étranger, et l’excellente préparation au job market.
Merci à l’IPP pour la mise valeur des travaux sur les politiques publiques!
Postdoctoral fellow, MIT - School Effectiveness and Inequality Initiative

Colin Majean (PPD 2010)

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At PSE, the challenge every day is to confront theory with the facts, to understand better in order to (propose to) act. All that in an open institution where the projects of some nourish and respond to the projects of others.
Adjoint au responsable du service Entreprises, Banque de France - Président Alumni PSE 2012-2015

Eric Monnet (APE 2007, PhD 2012)

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The Paris School of Economics has succeeded in building an first-rate international reputation in economics, for research, teaching and influence in public debate and political action. This reputation is based not only on the adoption of the best international standards but also on the development of a particular model, profiting from the singularities of French research, especially the opening of economics to the other disciplines. Thus PSE is confirmed as a unique and innovative place.
Senior Research Economist, Banque de France, Best PhD Dissertation 2015, XXe siècle (IEHA) / Alexander Gerschenkron Prize 2013 for the Best Dissertation in non-US or Canadian Economic History (EHA) / Prix
Richelieu 2013 Chancellerie Université Paris 1

Florian Mayneris (APE 2004, PhD 2009)

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I came for the first time to Jourdan in 2001, well before the creation of PSE. It was there that I woke up to and was trained in economics, and there where the wish to make economics my profession was born. The campus has certainly changed since then; the big building that will now replace the modest wing of the past is in proportion to the density and the bubbling intellectual activity that I found there, and which, I realise each time I come back, doesn’t stop growing. Happy birthday PSE!
Tenured assistant professor, Université catholique de Louvain - Young Economist Award 2010 EEA, Prix Louis Forest 2010 Chancellerie Paris 1

Gabriel Zucman (APE 2008, PhD 2013)

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I could never have written my thesis anywhere but at PSE. The Paris School of Economics offers a unique combination of a critical mass of excellent researchers in all fields and research produced in an atmosphere of great intellectual freedom. The result: work that departs from the beaten track and which advances the science.
Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley - Young Economist Award 2011 EEA, prix AFSE 2014

Jamal Ibrahim Haidar (PhD 2015)

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PSE gave me all what a PhD student wants: solid coursework, world-renowned advisor, generous funding to do what I should do, wonderful research environment, and life-long friendships
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CID Havard

Juan Carluccio (APE 2005, PhD 2009)

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Having arrived in 2004, first to do my Master’s degree and my PhD, then as an affiliated member from 2010 to 2013, I was a privileged witness of the building of PSE, as well as of the transformations it underwent in the last ten years. My first memories are dear to me and are focused on the rich and convivial scholarly exchanges among doctorands of high level (several graduates of my generation are today among the most influential young economists). Since then, the changes have been impressive. The school has greatly internationalised: the number of seminars and invited speakers has exploded, as has the number of foreign students. Links with public institutions have been strongly reinforced. The results are a very stimulating ambiance, and a “brand” that is increasingly known throughout the world.
Research Economist, Banque de France; Senior Lecturer, University of Surrey - mention spéciale prix AFSE 2010

Julia Cagé (APE 2008)

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I discovered and learned to love economics research thanks to PSE. I had already studied the social sciences, first in senior high school then in classes préparatoires B/L, which left me with a desire to study literature and philosophy. I came upon PSE by accident and have never looked back!Not only does this school offer an exceptional learning environment of high quality – I then left to do a PhD thesis in the United States, where I could see the extent to which I had been well trained in the APE Master – but I also encountered there social science researchers who combine scientific rigour and political engagement, and academic publications and political convictions, which made me want to join them. I cannot thank PSE enough for having opened this research path for me, as well as to many colleagues!
Assistant Professor, Sciences Po Paris

Léa Bousquet (ETE 2011, PhD 2016)

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I had the good fortune to do my Master’s degree and my PhD at PSE. The research environment was particularly formative and stimulating. Due to its size, and regardless of the field in which one decides to study, one can make the most of the expertise of the high-quality researchers and participate regularly in interesting research seminars in all areas of economics. I am sure that the move to the new building, by facilitating interaction among the researchers of Paris 1 and Jourdan, will increase PSE’s quality even more.
Postdoctoral fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Milo Bianchi (Post-doc 2007-2010)

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I have spent three wonderful years at PSE between 2007 and 2010, I was the first person recruited in the international job market and I was attracted by the spirit of building something new. I have encountered great colleagues, with whom I am still working, and great friends, with whom I still like to meet for some wine. I really miss football matches with colleagues on Wednesdays, and I look forward to come and see the new building (finally!).
Professeur à TSE, Prix Edmond Malinvaud 2014 AFSE

Mouhamadou Sy (APE 2008, PhD 2013)

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The Paris School of Economics instilled in its students, rigor, intellectual coherence and openness. Now that some of the alumni like myself are involved in practical development policy advice, particularly in developing countries wherewith severe development challenges, we have come to appreciate the difference that the training made for our daily work
Economist at African Development Bank, Prix de thèse monétaire, financière et bancaire 2014 de la Fondation Banque de France

Olivia Bertelli (PPD 2012, PhD 2016)

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PSE is for me synonymous of committed, diverse, cutting edge research conducted by top level researchers in a welcoming environment. The five years spent at PSE have not only deeply shaped my academic interests and skills, they also gave me the opportunity of building a widespread network of colleagues and friends tied up together by strong common interests. I’m proud of having being part of PSE, a large dynamic team that makes conducting research an enthusiastic job! Happy birthday PSE!
Lecturer at Lancaster University

Pauline Rossi (APE 2012, PhD 2015)

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I have excellent memories of my years at PSE: the demanding intellectual training that will, no doubt, influence my research work for a long time ; the warm camaraderie among the PhD candidates, some of whom became my friends; and the institutional support I received during my search for employment. I hope to come back soon to see the new building whose construction marked the years of my thesis!
Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam - mention spéciale prix AFSE 2016

Quentin Roquigny (PPD 2010)

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I was part of the first cohort for the PPE Master, in 2010. In launching that programme, for me, PSE showed an innovative spirit that I was keen to participate in. The diversity of student national origins, their humbleness, their desire to contribute to society and the excellence of the teachers are the four aspects that most marked my time on campus. Today, my links with PSE remain very strong.
‎Co-fondateur Check it Out, Président Alumni PSE 2010-2012

Sandrine Wachon (PhD 2011)

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The originality of PSE in the diversity of its members, its partners and its fields of economic study, must be be cultivated and enriched. It is an extraordinary asset for students in relation to companies both in France and abroad. My university training allowed me to enter the world of enterprise with little trouble, and in a sector highly specialised but understandable to well-trained economists!
Head of International Business Development, EPEX Spot

SeEun Jung (PPD 2010, PhD 2014)

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I loved every moment while I was at PSE. The atmosphere was not only very international, open and warm, but also with a bit of unique french spices on top! PSE significantly supported my research ideas, taught me how to be entirely independent, and also got me to learn what I am capable of. I wouldn’t get those experiences anywhere else.
Assistant Professor, Inha University South Korea

Yarine Fawaz (PhD 2010)

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I remember PSE in its infancy when I was member of one of the first cohorts of PhD candidates. I also had the good luck to benefit from one of PSE’s first preparations for the job market, which was a big help to me in finding a post on the international market. I have the impression that those who obtain their doctorates now are even better prepared, more international, and are highly competitive on the global level. I wish them a great deal of success in the market, and hope that PSE continues to attract more and more brilliant candidates.
Research fellow, CEMFI