Economics serving society
François Bourguignon

François Bourguignon

PSE Emeritus Professor

Paris School of Economics

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

6th floor, office 10

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 11

  • Income and Wealth inequality
  • Economy wide country studies (Brazil, China, India…)
  • International Trade and Trade policy
  • Education
  • Wealth, income, redistribution and tax policy


- The Globalization of Inequality, Princeton University Press (augmented English version of the preceding book), 2015, 2nd edition, 2016 (translated into German, Italian, Korean, Spanish)

- Handbook of Income Distribution, Vols 2A and 2B, (edited with A. Atkinson), North-Holland, 2014.

- Pauvreté et développement dans un monde globalisé, Leçon inaugurale au Collège de France, Arthème Fayard, 2015

-  Handbook of Economic Development and Institution, coeditor with J-M Baland, J-P Platteau and T. Verdier, Princeton University Press, Forthcoming


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