Economics serving society


Together, PSE and the CEPII aim to put academic excellence at the service of a better understanding of the major international economic issues, paying particular attention to environmental questions.

This long-standing collaboration, which now takes form within the CEPII–PSE Partnership for International and Environmental Policy, involves:
- the participation of the CEPII in the Graduate School of Economics,
- the regular involvement of PSE researchers as scientific advisors in CEPII projects,
- the organisation of joint conferences, and
- their joint participation in European networks such as the Réseau de formation innovante TTIP (Innovative Teaching Network).

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The CEPII is the leading French center for research and expertise on the world economy. It contributes to the policy making process trough its independent in-depth analyses on international trade, migrations, macroeconomics and finance. The CEPII also produces databases and provides a platform for debate among academics, experts, practitioners, decision makers and other private and public stakeholders.
Founded in 1978, the CEPII is part of the network coordinated by France Strategy, within the Prime Minister’s services. (source