Economics serving society


The Cepremap and the PSE work together in the domain of macroeconomics and evaluation of the Budget. Composed of two parts - the general Budget and the Social Security Budget - it is presented to the French Parliament every year in autumn by the central government. Parliamentary discussion of the Budget is an important moment in every democracy and yet, in France, the Budget is not subjected to independent evaluation.

The Cepremap and the IPP get together to present scientific analysis that can shed light on this democratic debate, combining macroeconomic analysis of the Budget and the impact of its measures on households and firms.

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The CEPREMAP was born in 1967 from the merger of two centers, CEPREL and CERMAP, to enlighten French planning through economic research. CEPREMAP is, since January 1st, 2005, the CEntre Pour la Recherche EconoMique and its APplications. It is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Research. The mission provided for in its statutes is to ensure an interface between the academic world and the economic administrations. It is both an agency for the promotion of economic research to decision-makers, and an agency for financing projects whose stakes for public decision-making are recognized as a priority. (source