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Journées de l’Économie - Lyon

The Paris School of Economics is a scientific partner of the Journées de l’Économie (Jéco), an event organized each year in the autumn in Lyon, with the aim of “bringing the general public closer to the economy, by enlightening them on economic issues and the major changes taking place”.

The Jéco also has a Scientific Council made up of economists, notably from PSE.

The 2021 edition

The next edition will take place on November 3, 4 and 5, 2021 on the theme “Turning Utopias into Opportunities”. The full program is available online on the event’s website, and many PSE researchers will be speaking:

  • Philippe Aghion
  • Benédicte Apouey
  • Agnès Bénassy-Quéré
  • Ekrame Boubtane
  • Lucas Chancel
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Hippolyte D’Albis
  • Gabrielle Fack
  • Marc Fleurbaey
  • Julien Grenet
  • Eric Monnet
  • Lise Rochaix
  • Katheline Schubert
  • Elena Stancanelli

Previous editions

Access the Jeco archives directly in the dedicated tab :