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2021 Public Conferences

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World Inequality Conference 2021 - Presentation of the World Inequality Report 2022
On December 7th-8th, 2021, the World Inequality Lab organized a 2-day international conference, with over 115 researchers presenting their research on inequality, covering a wide array of topics such as wealth, the Covid pandemic, climate, tax policy, etc. The conference began with the presentation of the World Inequality Report 2022.


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November 16, 2021: Evaluation of the 2022 French Budget
The Institut des politiques publiques (PSE/GENES) and the CEPREMAP organized on November 16, 2021, their annual conference on the French Budget at PSE and online. This conference was followed by a round-table chaired by François Lenglet (TF1/LCI/RTL) with the participation of parliamentarians members of the Finance Committee.


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October 15, 2021: Climate and Biodiversity: Interdisciplinary Workshop
On October 15, 2021, the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Climate and Biodiversity brought together specialists of climate policy, biodiversity, food and animal welfare from economics, philosophy and environmental sciences, to explore policy issues at the interface of climate change and biodiversity. This event was organized by the “Opening Economics” Chair, Hermès-PSE and ENS-CERES. It was held at PSE - Paris School of Economics.