Economics serving society
Jérémie Gignoux

Jérémie Gignoux

PSE Professor

Research fellow INRAE

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

5th floor, office 62

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 17 25

Research groups: Development
  • Agricultural Economics and development
  • Evaluation of public policies in developing countries
  • Human capital and development
  • Labor and development
  • Education
  • Environmental Economics & Natural resources in developing countries

Works in progress

Insertion of smallholders in agricultural value chaines, social and environmental sustainability


  • "Expansion of oil palm plantations de palmier, land use and food security in Indonesia", with Damien Arvor, Cécile Bessou, François Libois, and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann, project involving remote-sensing mapping in partnership with Kermap startup, funded in 2019-21 by Mutalim CNRS-INRAE transdisplinary fund
  • "Adaptation to climate change and smallholding agriculture in Indonesia", with Tristan du Puy and Katrin Millock


Adoption of agricultural technologies


  • "Dissemination of new agricultural technologies in Africa: making extension work in Uganda", with Luc Behaghel and Karen Macours, project involving a randomized evaluation and data collection in partnership with ICRAF, funded in 2014-19 by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, see presentations on J-PAL website
  • "Inputs subsidies, technology adoption, and agricultural productivity in Haïti", with Karen Macours, Daniel Stein and Kelsey Wright, project involving a randomized evaluation and data collection in partnership with the World Bank / Development Impact Evaluation, funded by the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program


Natural disasters, trade: agregate shocks and welfare of rural households


  • "Long-term impacts of earthquakes on human capital and welfare", with Marta Menendez
  • "Trade liberalization in times of rising food prices: Evidence from Indonesia during the 2000s", with Alix Bonargent, Marta Menendez and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann.


Education policies


  • "Learning about opportunity: spillovers of elite school admissions in Peru", with Ricardo Estrada and Agustina Hatrick, in partnership with the Development Bank of Latin America