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Maxime Gravoueille

Maxime Gravoueille

PhD student

Paris School of Economics, EHESS

Collège de France – 3, rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris

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Research groups: Labour and Public Economics

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  • Primary Field: Public Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Labor Economics
  • References: Philippe Aghion, Stefanie Stantcheva, Sir Richard Blundell
  • Job Market PAPER: Wage and Employment Effects of Wage Subsidies
  • Brief Candidate Profile:

    Maxime is specialized in Public Economics with an interest in labor studies and income dynamics. He combines the use of administrative data and quasi-experimental research designs to study the effect of public policies on labor market outcomes. His research sheds light on the impact of taxes and benefits on individuals’ labor supply decisions.

Thesis Supervisor: Aghion Philippe

Academic year of registration: 2018/2019

Thesis title: Income Dynamics and Redistribution