Economics serving society
Pamina Koenig

Pamina Koenig

PSE Affiliate Researcher

Professor Université de Rouen

Campus Jourdan – 48 Boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

6th floor, office 48

Phone +33(0)1 80 52 16 35

  • International Trade and Trade policy
  • Political Economy of NGOs

NGOs, Development and Globalization seminar





  • 17th edition: postponed, Jourdan Campus. 
  • 16th edition: May 29, 2018, Jourdan Campus.
  • 15th edition: January 30, 2018, room R1-15, Jourdan Campus.

Philippe Garnier (NGO CRAterre), ”On the transition between emergency aid, reconstruction and long term development”

Ruben Durante (Sciences Po), ”The life of others: explaining differences in news coverage of human losses around the world”.

Nancy Carfrae (UIA - Union of International Associations), "UIA: 100 years of documenting international civil society”

  • 14th edition: October 17, 2017, room R1-15, Jourdan Campus.
  • 13th edition: May 9, 2017, room R1-15, Jourdan Campus. Programme. 
  • 12th edition: January 17, 2017. Programme.
  • 11th edition: October 11, 2016. Programme
  • N.G.O. Conference, June 13-14, 2016. PSE. Programme.
  • 10th edition: February 1st, 2016. Room A2, Jourdan Campus. Programme.
  • 9th edition: October 5, 2015. Room 10, Jourdan Campus. Programme.
  • 8th edition: May 19, 2015. Room 10, Jourdan Campus. Programme
  • 7th edition: January 20, 2015. Jourdan Campus. Programme.
  • 6th edition: September 30, 2014. Room 10, Jourdan Campus. Programme
  • 5th edition: May 27, 2014. Room 8, Jourdan Campus. Programme.
  • 4th edition: October 7, 2013 Room 8, Jourdan Campus. Programme. 
  • 3rd edition: May 14, 2013 Room 10, Jourdan Campus. Programme
  • 2nd edition: January 14, 2013 Room 10, Jourdan Campus. Programme

Gani Aldashev (Université de Namur): "When Warm Glow Burns: Motivational (mis)allocation in the non-profit sector"

Michela Limardi (Université de Lille 1), "The Outcome of NGO Activism in Developing Countries under Visibility Constraint"

Sarah Sandford : "Do do-gooders do good?"


 Emmanuelle Auriol, "Anti-Social Behavior in Profit and Nonprofit Organizations".

Sophie Hatte,"Media exposure and NGO activism: crowding in or crowding out?"

Sebastian Krautheim, "Globalization, Trust Goods and International Civil Society"


Organizers: Pamina Koenig and Thierry Verdier



NGO seminar's schedule and list of presented papers
# The NGO seminar is part of the 'Opening Economic Science' (OSE) project. 
# Link to the international N.G.O. (Nonprofits, Governments and Organisations) research network.