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Claire Lepault

Claire Lepault

PhD student

Paris School of Economics - Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Campus Jourdan – 48, boulevard Jourdan 75014 Paris

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  • Agricultural Economics and development
  • Environmental Economics & Natural resources in developing countries
  • Climate Change Economics

Claire Lepault is available for positions

Claire Lepault is an EJME candidate and JOE Network candidate

  • Primary Field: Environmental Economics
  • Secondary Fields: Applied Econometrics, Health, Development Economics
  • References: Hélène Ollivier, Philippe Quirion, Edward Rubin, Liam Wren-Lewis
  • Job Market PAPER: Is Urban Wastewater Treatment Effective in India? Evidence from Water Quality and Infant Mortality
  • Placement: Research fellow, CIRAD (France)
  • Brief Candidate Profile:

    Claire is an applied economist who researches how environmental issues, such as water pollution and climate change, affect human health and how to transition towards sustainable development. As an empiricist, she approaches these challenges with a toolbox that draws from economics, econometrics, statistics and data science.

Thesis Supervisor: Ollivier Hélène

Co-supervisor: Quirion Philippe

Academic year of registration: 2020/2021

Thesis title: Health effects of water pollution and heat stress in India